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Worst building management company I’ve ever before had. Quarterly inspections are mandatory. Castle take photos of EVERYTHING. Fridge, cabinets, closets. We even uncovered one the the world going v our drawers and bags while they to be “inspecting” totally unprofessional. Don’t even think about getting your defense deposit earlier from them either.

I perform the publications for a agency that has actually leased a warehouse from house Town building Mgmt because that 4 year so I"ve had to attend to them at various times and for different matters. I have found the employee to be very professional with an excellent business ethics, yet simple to have actually a conversation with. Lock are an extremely prompt to return phone calls and emails and very quick to send who to execute repairs when needed and we have never to be asked to pay for anything however our monthly lease payment. In the 4 years us have had actually rent increases however the amount has actually been only a few dollars. Ns would offer Hometown Property management 10 stares if i could.

Juan M.

(5 stars)

Very Professional! I have actually rented for plenty of years and also have seen different companies do negative practices this company goes out of their method to aid you! and make certain that you space heard. I"ve had a great Experience!

Jenn M

(1 star)

Zero stars. WORST agency ever. Never responds. They basically stole every one of our protection deposit!

William H.

(1 star)

Terrible company, requires you apply and also pay prior to viewing houses. Claims one friend apply and pay, girlfriend will have actually an agent aid you with housing, they never ever respond. We had actually an application for end a week v no response, this company is a scam and does not aid people find the dwellings they need. I would imply never utilizing this company. Friend apply, castle ignore...it"s really the simple, take it the money and run.


(1 star)

Scammers, liars, unprofessional, invasive, scumbag, crooks. This sums this company up.

Aaron B

(1 star)

No working smoke detectors, electrical outlets(bedroom) and also dishwasher when we relocated in from the end of state. Required quarterly inspections when it was never communicated to united state or in our lease. Make the efforts charging us for something that was not damaged through us. Beth suggested with mine wife around blinds the were never ever damaged in ours place.My 5 year old daughter describes Brit Ivey together the creepy old guy who comes through our house. Now we have to take time off occupational to save my daughter far from this creepy old man and to go through the investigate so we don’t gain charged because that something. Greedy company filled arrogant human being who could careless about their tenants.

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