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Arrivals for September 17, 2021 August 27, 2021

Colonial Raptor

By Charlie Walker

I go this Moebius Battlestar Galactica Colonial Raptor as a what if’ variation of a futuristic A6 Intruder paris from the USS john Stennis. It was painted and decaled because that the U.S. Marine Blue Diamonds Squadron.


I lengthened the landing gear and added skids. The pilots room 1/32 resin Aero Bonus Crusader pilots, i beg your pardon I had to shave a little bit off the pilots outside leg and cut few of his toes off to fit that in. Ns also included the control sticks.

I can not tell girlfriend how numerous times I changed the tools load. What was lastly used was the Moebius Armament set and also included some contemporary U. S. Aircraft tools including:

2 – aim 120 AMRAMMs

2 – AGM 65 Mavericks

2 – aim 9B Sidewinders

1 – GBU 10 Paveway II

1 – notorious Toilet Bomb


If you look closely, you’ll view a “toilet bomb” under the port wing. There actually was a restroom bomb. . It was a actual toilet that was packed v C4. The was mounted on the harbor side whereby the CAG couldn’t watch it when he was launching a Sandy Skyraider. Once it to be dropped, the whistled and tumbled every the means down.

August 19, 2021

Bet You can’t Eat simply One

by Gil Gonsoulin

This is a 1/35 range diorama that depicts the hunters becoming the hunted. The desert outpost lay in ruins as the raptors space poised because that a sneak attack.


Remember your Dinosaur basics: “Next to Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor is the world’s most well known meat-eating dinosaur.”


For this diorama I used Meng’s pickup truck, Verlinden and also Warrior figures, in addition to Tamiya’s Velociraptor.


The middle Eastern structure is additionally from Verlinden. The vehicle, figures building and also base to be painted v Floquil and Model master paints.


Weathered making use of Winsor Newton oils and Mig pigments. Parts indigenous the spare parts box were used around the diorama



Last October Hub Hobby’s old building on vast St was demolished. Indigenous of it gift torn under spread like wildfire.

One of our customers, Jim Letten, was emailed by his girlfriend Martin about the demolition of their childhood hang-out.

The subject line was: ROSEBUD

“Rosebud” to be the dice word talked by Orsen wells in the movie citizens Kane: a reference to his childhood sledge’s – the prize of storage of youthful innocence.

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I’ve recognized Jim for at least 40 years and also he has given us permission to publish his reply to his girlfriend email.