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High institution D×D (ハイスクールD×D, Haisukūru Di Di) is a Japanese irradiate novel series written through Ichiei Ishibumi and also illustrated by Miyama-Zero, published by Fujimi Shobo under your Fujimi Fantasia Bunko label.

An anime consisting of 12 episodes, developed by TNK, aired between January and March of 2012. Two OVAs were released v volumes 13 and 15. A 2nd season consisting of 12 episodes, created by TNK, aired between July and also September of 2013. One OVA to be released with volume DX.1. A 3rd season consist of of 12 episodes, when again developed by TNK, aired indigenous April come June the 2015. A fourth OVA was released in December 2015. A 4th season consists of 12 episodes was produced by Passione, and also aired native April come July of 2018. The anime has actually been license is granted by Funimation in the USA and Madman entertain in Australia. The manga adaptation has been license is granted by Yen Press and concluded through 11 volumes.


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Story Synopsis

I, Hyoudou Issei, am a 2nd Year High college student and also my period is equal to the number of years ns haven"t had a girlfriend. And, someone choose me obtained a girlfriend! I"m sorry buddies, I will certainly walk the course of ending up being an adult prior to you guys! —That"s how it was an alleged to be, however why walk I acquire killed by my girlfriend!?

I still haven"t done anything yet! room there no god in this World!?

And, the human who conserved me is the many beautiful girl in mine school, Rias Gremory-senpai. Ns learned the shocking fact from her who isn"t a God but a Devil. "You have reincarnated as a Devil! work for me!"

Lured by Senpai"s breasts and also treats, mine life as a reincarnated devil began.

So the "Academy×Love Comedy×Battle Fantasy” starts here with simply aggressive and worldly desires!

——Taken native Volume 1 Story Synopsis

Story Arc 1: quantities 1 & 2

Story Arc 2: volumes 3-6

Story Arc 3: volumes 7-12

Story Arc 4: quantities 13-21

(Note: Volume 8, Volume 13 and half of the content in Volume 15 space compilations of brief stories from Dragon Magazine. The DX series is a compilation of all the other quick stories to prevent interfering with the main story plot.)

Characters" Introduction

Characters" Introduction

Hyoudou Issei (兵藤 一誠, Hyōdō Issei)


Rank: Low-class evil one → Middle-class devil → High-class Devil

Role: Pawn (8 Pieces, later in volume 23 it is revealed that all 8 of them transformed right into Mutation Pieces)

Species: Reincarnated devil (Former human until Volume 11, Humanoid-Dragon from Volume 12)

Sacred Gear: Boosted gear (Longinus)

Weapon: Ascalon

Power: Dress-Break, Pailingual, Trident, Dragon Breath, Dragon Deification, Penetrate, Blazing Inferno the Scorching Flames.

A second-year (third-year native Volume 23) high institution student attending Kuoh Academy. He is recognized to be stupid, lecherous and also a pervert among his peers. A typical high institution student born in a regular family, but is in possession of the Sacred gear "Boosted Gear" i beg your pardon is noted as among the ultimate spiritual Gears(Longinus). The was killed by his very first girlfriend, a collapse Angel, and was revitalized as a Devil and a maid of Rias Gremory, his new master. Now he intends to end up being a Harem King by gaining a peerage, unaware of self attracting girls approximately him.

Rias Gremory (リアス・グレモリー, Riasu Guremorī)


Rank: High-class devil

Role: King

Species: Pure Devil

Power: power of Destruction

A third-year (University native Volume 23) student at Kuoh Academy and also the Madonna of the academy. She comes from the old noble the pure Devils, the home of Gremory. She is a High-class evil one who is recognized as genius through many, and is nicknamed the "Crimson-Haired destroy Princess". Her brother is, in fact, one of the Yondai-Maou, Lucifer, and both that them possess the strength of Destruction. She recovery Issei as her servant after finding the dead, killed by a please Angel and also possessing a rare sacred Gear. Kind and soft to her servants, becomes a totally different person when cultivate or fighting.

Asia Argento (アーシア・アルジェント, Âshia Arujento)


Rank: Low-class Devil

Role: Bishop

Species: Reincarnated adversary (Former human)

Sacred Gear: Twilight Healing

A second-year (third-year native Volume 23) student at Kuoh Academy. Originally a sister that was recognized as a divine maiden for she healing powers. She was elevated in one orphanage and also was take away in by the Church after her powers to be discovered. However, she was kicked the end of the Church for healing a Devil, and was taken in by people affiliated with the fallen Angels. She starts living with Issei after ~ being conserved from the please Angels" grasp. Together a person raised in the Church, she lacks typical sense.

Himejima Akeno (姫島 朱乃, Himejima Akeno)


Rank: Low-class evil one → Middle-class Devil

Role: Queen

Species: Reincarnated adversary (Former half-human half-fallen angel)

Power: elemental magic (mainly thunder), holy Lightning (From Volume 5 onwards)

A third-year (University indigenous Volume 23) student and one the the "Two good Onee-samas" of Kuoh Academy along with Rias. Referred to as the can be fried "Queen" by other members. Born between a human mother and also fallen point of view father, after ~ the death of her mother, she came to be Rias" servant. She is a girlfriend close enough to call Rias by her name in private, however calls she Buchou in presence of others and also displays a master-servant partnership in public. She persistently refuses to use her strength of light, inherited from she father, however starts making use of it ~ being persuaded by Issei.

Kiba Yuuto (木場 祐斗, Kiba Yūto)

Rank: Low-class evil one → Middle-class Devil

Role: Knight

Species: Reincarnated adversary (Former Human)

Sacred Gears: knife Birth, tongue Blacksmith

Weapons: Demonic Emperor sword Gram, Balmung, Nothung, Tyrfing, and also Dáinsleif(from Volume 12).

A second-year (third-year from Volume 23) college student at Kuoh Academy. Me proclaimed ideal friend the Issei, and the institution prince. He to be a victim that the holy Sword Project, where he to be the only survivor. He came to be Rias" servant once she saved him indigenous death, however still swore come extract his revenge ~ above those that treated him as a test subject and disposed his friends. He additionally harbours a good hatred towards the holy Sword, Excalibur.

Toujou Koneko (塔城 小猫, Tōjō Koneko)

Rank: Low-class Devil

Role: Rook

Species: Reincarnated adversary (Former Nekomata)

Power: Senjutsu, Youjutsu

A first-year (second-year from Volume 23) student at Kuoh Academy. Originally she was around to be executed by the Devils after she sister, Kuroka, killed her very own master. The Maou, Lucifer, protected her, and also left she under his sister"s, Rias" care - ending up being her servant. She refused to usage the strength of senjutsu since she didn"t desire to end up being like her sister. She overcame her power along with Akeno ~ Issei made her get rid of her own powers. She doesn"t show any kind of emotion in ~ all, and also says harsh things and also hits Issei whenever he is act or reasoning something perverted. She shows the most worry for she comrades as soon as they are in trouble.

Xenovia Quarta (ゼノヴィア・クァルタ, Zenovia Kwaruta)

Rank: Low-class Devil

Role: Knight

Species: Reincarnated adversary (Former Human)

Weapon: Excalibur devastation (Volume 3), The divine Sword Durandal → Ex-Durandal → Excalibur and also Durandal.

A holy Sword user that was sent from the Church along with Irina to destroy or retrieve the steal Excalibur swords. ~ she finds out that the God in the holy bible died lengthy time ago, she decides to join the Occult research Club as Rias"s servant. She tries to seduce Issei at any time she can since she desires to offer birth to a strong baby.

Gasper Vladi (ギャスパー・ヴラディ, Gyasupā Buradi)

Rank: Low-class devil

Role: Bishop

Species: Reincarnated evil one (Former Dhampir (half Human/half vampire))

Power: Vampire"s power

Sacred Gear: Forbidden Balor watch → Forbiden attack Valor The Beast (Longinus)(from volume 16)

A Dhampir (half Vampire and half Human) male cross-dresser who has the capacity to avoid the time that those he sees however he is can not to control it. He is sealed by Rias together ordered through the elders until she has actually grown up sufficient to control him. That is still unable to completely control his powers but can enhance a lot by drinking Issei"s blood.

Rossweisse (ロスヴァイセ, Rosuvaise)

Rank: Low-class Devil

Role: Rook

Species: Reincarnated adversary (Former Valkyrie)

Power: norseman Magic, self designed magic

Originally Odin"s bodyguard. ~ the battle with Loki and also Fenrir, Odin leaves her in Issei"s town. She then gets persuaded by Rias to come to be her servant. She stays in Kuoh Academy together a teacher.

Shidou Irina (紫藤イリナ, Shidō Irina)

Rank/Role: Ace the Spades (Michael"s Brave Saint)

Species: Reincarnated Angel

Weapon: Excalibur Mimic (Volume 3), Mass-produced holy Demonic Sword, Hauteclere

Xenovia"s partner and also Issei"s childhood friend. ~ finding the end that the God in the scriptures is dead, she still adheres to the teachings and is under the straight command of Michael. She to be shocked to uncover out the Issei turned right into a Devil. They space still friends despite that flaw.

Ravel Phoenix (レイヴェル・フェニックス, Reiveru Fenikkusu)

Rank: High-Class Devil

Role: Bishop (Free)

Species: Pure Devil

Power: Immortality, Aerokinesis, Pyrokinesis

Fourth child and only daughter the the Phoenix house, she began as her brothers Riser"s bishop, yet after the duel in between him and also Issei, she fell in love and also was traded to she mother, that doesn"t take part in Rating Games, with the expect of one day ending up being Issei"s servant. She is right now his manager. She has transferred come Kuoh Academy, whereby she got into Koneko and Gasper"s class, and becoming a member the the Occult research study Club and also living at the Hyoudou residence. She started with a body kind like Koneko"s, but has grown since.

Ophis (オーフィス, Ōfisu)

Rank/Role: God

Species: Dragon

Power: Infinity, Snakes

One the the two most powerful dragons, follow me with good Red, born in the dimensional gap. After losing to him, it was banished and has due to the fact that tried to discover a method to success over and also return. Neither male nor female, the has right now taken the type of a small girl in goth clothes and has been well-known as female. Currently it has actually lost many of that is powers as result of being stolen utilizing Samael"s venom, being diminished to only twice the strength of the Heavenly dragons at their prime, and lives at the Hyodou residence as a type of pet or mascot.


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The High institution DxD series by Ichiei Ishibumi

Translations for this job were eliminated according to a DMCA request from its publisher, Kadokawa.

The True High college DxD collection by Ichiei Ishibumi

A continuation from wherein High school DxD Volume 25 left off.

The High school DxD DX series by Ichiei Ishibumi

Short stories will be compiled into these volumes

The please Dog God -SLASHDØG- by Ichiei Ishibumi

Light novel spinoff collection under the banner of "High institution DxD Universe". Takes location a couple of years prior to the main series.

The High school DxD Blu-Ray Specials by Ichiei Ishibumi

Short Stories

These brief stories may be compiled into the DX volumes later on (Hence the factor for your low priority in regards to translation).

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