A sealed mono copy of the 1965 LP Whipped Cream & other Delights by Herb Alpert and also the Tijuana Brass


Offered for sale is an original still sealed mono pressing of Whipped Cream & various other Delights by Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass.

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About this copy: The copy the Whipped Cream & other Delights offered for sale is an original mono pressing and also the album is still sealed; the record is presumably new and unplayed.

The shrink pave is mostly intact, with a small piece lacking in the center of the ago cover and also a small 1/2″ break at the mouth that the cover. A couple of corners have actually been contempt pushed. The ago cover has a little bit of foxing.

The cover has no cutout holes, reduced corners or experienced marks.

This is a first pressing; there room no other records provided on the earlier cover the were issued after ~ this one.

A beautiful instance of a standard album that’s quite hard to discover in mono.

Background: Fifty years later, few remember the degree to i m sorry Herb Alpert and also his Tijuana Brass dominated pop music in the U.S. In the at an early stage 1960s. Numerous of their albums topped the charts, and also many the them had high chart rankings simultaneously.

The Latin-flavored brass important pop appealed come both adolescents and adults, and Alpert, who mainly recorded alone through the assist of the Wrecking Crew, had actually to actually produce a Tijuana Brass tape to fulfill performance commitments.

Whipped Cream & various other Delights is frequently dismissed this particular day as a usual album that appears to be ubiquitous in thrift stores, but that’s because the album, i m sorry spent almost two months at #1 on the Billboard charts, was enormously well-known in its day, offering some 6 million copies. Those sales weren’t a fluke; it’s a good record and a particularly well-recorded album.

Two of the tracks were used on the television regimen The date Game throughout the 1960s and also 1970s – “Lollipops and also Roses” and “Whipped Cream.”

The covering of Whipped Cream & other Delights might be one of the best-known covers in popular music history, featuring model Dolores Erickson extended in shaving cream. Countless covers that spoof this one have likewise been released end the years, and also a couple of years ago, Whipped Cream & various other Delights was also issued briefly as a picture disc.

Whipped Cream & various other Delights to be so famous that it never ever went out of print, and remained accessible on vinyl until A&M quit pressing records.

While the record sold in the millions and remains well-known to this day, the original pressings in mono are rather scarce. The album to be released in April, 1965 in both stereo and also mono yet A&M quit pushing mono LPs in beforehand 1968. All copies issued due to the fact that then have remained in stereo only, making the mono pressing of this LP, v its distinct mix, a family member rarity.

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Allmusic.com provided Whipped Cream and also Other Delights a 5 star review:

Building upon south of the Border’s (1964) height Ten success, Herb Alpert dismissed the contingency that Los Angeles-based studio important all-stars, i beg your pardon he had actually christened the Tijuana Brass. Because there was enough demand for live dates, similar to a musical Gepetto, Alpert created a genuine Tijuana Brass. The bandleader/trumpeter to be joined by Tonni Kalash (trumpet), Robert Edmondson (trombone), play Senatore (bass), man Pisano (guitars), Lou Pagani (piano), and also Nick Ceroli (drums). Ostensibly, the personnel wasn’t a primary factor to consider as Alpert and agency had already begun making significant inroads ~ above the popular music music scene. No bad, considering the industry was being heavily infiltrated, if not nearly dominated by the brother Invasion. V Whipped Cream & other Delights (1965), they would certainly take that momentum to new heights — consisting of three Grammy Awards alone for the update of the Bobby Scott and also Ric Marlow-penned design template to Shelagh Delaney’s beat of the exact same name, “A Taste the Honey.”

You deserve to hear “Whipped Cream” here:

Country the origin:U.S.
Record Label:A&M
Catalog Number:LP 110
Year of Release:1965