The Project Runway star will certainly be showing up in Parks and also Recreation"s season premiere, i beg your pardon will check out Leslie (Amy Poehler) and also her staff traveling come London to receive a "Women in Government" award.

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She will certainly be given the award in addition to a Danish market (Klum), who is lover by she citizens.

The show"s executive producer Mike Schur said Entertainment Weekly the Klum"s cameo: "Her town completely worships her in a means that provides Leslie a tiny jealous, because Leslie is experience a recall vote in Pawnee."

Arrested Development"s Henry Winkler will also be guest certification in Parks and Recreation this season and also the dad of Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz).

Kristen Bell has also signed on for a guest function as Leslie"s recent rival.

Parks and also Recreation will return ~ above NBC top top September 26. BBC 4 will wait the show"s fourth season in 2014.

Watch a clip indigenous the collection below:

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