Pink purple and also blue hair space the most colorful hair shade trends among young women. Females love to flaunt their hair so much so they would certainly take any kind of bold step to transform their hair into a masterpiece, even if the takes them to dye their hair blue, pink or even purple.

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Not everyone have the right to handle the awesomeness of these bizarre and bold hair dyes, pulling these colors turn off is as daunting as to master one’s shadow due to the fact that these outre colors demand timely maintenance and also attention.

How to format Pink Blue or Pink Purple fifty percent and half Hair

Whether black, blonde, brown or red, a perfect styled hairdo take away people’s attention and turns heads. Needless come say, hairstyles that are perfectly styled and maintained will constantly supersede the ones that aren’t, no matter what color you dye her hair.

It take away nerves to transform her hair right into something insanely beautiful and also women are now trying new ways to layout the mane top top the head to step up their hair game.

If you are a bodacious and courageous woman to shot some fantastical hair dyes such as, purple, pink and blue but don’t know just how to be an excellent feature by styling the hair, don’t concern as we’ve got it all spanned for you.

Here’s how you can layout pink and blue hair or pink, purple half and a half to gracefully stealing the show:


Ponytails match every hairstyle, however they space a scene of striking beauty with blue and also pink hair or half ‘n’ fifty percent pink and purple.


Be the the Dutch, French, straightforward or fishtail braid, this punky vibrant dyes are a vision in braids. The multi-colored strands the the braids that room overlapped ~ above the top of each various other look celestial and also a treat come the eyes.

Buns & Updos

The buns and updos space a feast because that the eyes, specifically with the half ‘n’ fifty percent pink and also blue or pink and purple hair. The transitions of the hair colors look anime and also simply divine when bound in a topknot or half bun.

Maintenance and Tips

Everyone loves the hairstyles that space quirky, fun and also unique, but it takes who to carry the hairstyle through charm and charisma. It is beyond the zero of a doubt the this hair dye requires timely maintenance and extra treatment as contrasted to the an easy hair colors.

Here room some tips and also tricks to preserve the pink purple and blue hair or half blue fifty percent purple hair.

Let the Cuticle class Close: Do no shampoo her hair right after dying because when you color your hair the cuticle class is opened up that renders the color/dye basic to pass through the hair shaft. Shampooing the hair after ~ the dyeing process will just wipe off her hair color.Regular Touch-ups: Well, it may sound daunting to revisit the shop after every 3 days for touch-ups, however this have the right to be done easily at home. Add a little amount that dye in her conditioner whenever friend wash your hair. This will save the hair from fading soon, together the colors like pink and blue, violet is not permanent and also tend come fade faster.Wash her hair 2-3 time a week: If friend wash your hair regularly, you should stop instantly as washing the hair too frequently will only damage your hair.Avoid using hot tools: shot to stop using warm tools, as it loss your hair and dye badly or supplies a warm protective spray before styling or blow drying.Get to escape of separation Ends: with dead ends, your shade is not going to make it through on your mane. In order to save your color fresh and also clean. Always cut your break-up ends every 3-4 weeks.

Amazing Hairstyles with Pink, Purple and also Blue Color

The thought of walking pink, blue or purple can sound scary and also challenging, yet it is precious a try. We know plenty of celebrities such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and also Lady Gaga pulling off the color exquisitely, and if they can, why can’t you?

Here are 12 classy outre purple, pink and also blue hairstyles because that women who love to spruce up their hair:

1. Half Pink half Blue space Buns

Look in ~ the perfection of this fifty percent n half pink and also blue hair buns. You can slay this hair in a range of styles including buns, twin tails, ponytails, braids and also it will certainly look equally appealing and also enchanting.

2. Brief Bob through Pink Hair

Strike the collection with drama, grace, and also grandeur with this beautiful bright pink hair through blunt bangs and also bold lips. This is some serious hairstyle impetus for women through loud and also outré hair dyes.

3. Messy peak Knot

Buns room elegant and also versatile that goes well through all attires and hairstyles. Go for the buns, if you desire an effortlessly cool hairstyle for her pink purple and blue hair.

4. Dual Dutch Braids

This hairstyle is aesthetically pleasing because that the females who want their hair v three different pastel colors in ~ a solitary time. Clear up with this refreshing and also lively hair if you want an eye-popping and attention-grabbing hairstyle.

5. Fuchsia Pink and Dark Blue Hair

If you’re no a pan of pastels, girlfriend can constantly go for something dark, mysterious, fun and rich choose this engrossing fuchsia pink purple blue hair.

6. Pink and Purple Braided Updo

This pink and also purple braided updo through bangs is what you need this wedding season. Ace this perky hairstyle v a dreamy gown and also cute accessories.

7. Pixie through Highlights

Pixie reduced demands artisan thoughts to be perfect styled and also the pastel blue hair dye v pink highlights room awe-inspiring ~ above this short and choppy pixie.

8. Pink Mohawk

Mohawks space fierce, fiery and also extravagant hairstyles because that women v a good taste in fashion. Go an extra mile through this savage and also wild, side-shaved Mohawk styled ~ above the appropriate side with pink hair.

9. Purple, Pink and also Blue netherlands Braid

The pink purple and blue hair mix might obtain dull sometimes, to include twists and twirls, pink are added to attain a much more vibrant and also brighter look. With blue as a dominant shade with hues of purple and pink, this hairstyle is fascinating and also enchanting.

10. Purple and also Blue Hair

It is beautiful how lavender purple hair colors begin from the top and fades in ~ the bottom the the hair v a touch the soft and also icy blue hair offered this hairstyle some major frozen vibes.

11. Pastel Pink & Blue crate Braids

The hairstyle is an epitome of smartness and fun. Adopt your whimsical and also badass boho box braids through this beautiful pastel blue and also pastel pink hair styled gracefully in pair tails.

12. Black through Purple and Blue Ombre

Ombre is a cool and classy hairstyle that gets better and far better with time, however this time the crossed all the limits and also reached come a trendy, rich and playful destination.

The gorgeous black hair v blue pink and purple hair Ombre styled in a fifty percent braid renders a layout statement because that anyone who desires to acquire its hair dyed.

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These room the most well-known pink purple blue hair combination that will certainly be substantial in this season.