November 29, 2020 - 11:35 GMT Hanna Fillingham Gwen Stefani looked just like Marilyn Monroe in a new video through Blake Shelton post on Instagram end the weekend. The celebrity couple announced your engagement in October

Gwen Stefani and also Blake Shelton happy fans over the weekend after releasing a brand-new music video with each other for their song, You make it Feel like Christmas.

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But it was Gwen"s figure that obtained the most attention native the footage, with the star channelling Marilyn Monroe in the festive clip.

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The No Doubt singer looked glamorous with her blonde hair styled in waves, exactly choose the above hairstyle of Marilyn herself.

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Followers were quick to observe the likeness, through one writing: "
gwenstefani is offer Marilyn Monroe look at – stunning,"
while another wrote: "You look fabulous as constantly Gwen." A 3rd added: "Wow, classic blonde beauty never ever goes dorn on Gwen."

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The pair have actually been obtaining into the festive spirit, while also celebrating Thanksgiving end the weekend.

Gwen Stefani looked similar to Marilyn Monroe in her brand-new music video

Gwen and also Blake marked their first Thanksgiving together an involved couple top top Thursday.

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To note the unique day, Blake mutual a sweet photo that the pair together on Instagram, and also wrote alongside it: "What a year we"ve all had, but there is still plenty to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving y"all!"

The No Doubt singer looked for this reason glamorous!

Gwen and also Blake have had actually a whirlwind few months and also certainly have actually made the most of what has actually been a an overwhelming and challenging time because that everyone.

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In October, the celebrity couple announced your engagement following 5 years the dating.

Gwen and Blake Shelton celebrated their an initial Thanksgiving together an involved couple

The news complied with after the pair spent lockdown together on Blake"s ranch in Oklahoma, together with Gwen"s brother and his family, and the star"s three sons, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo, who she shares with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.

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While in Oklahoma, Gwen and also Blake took pleasure in the slower speed of life, yet were still productive when it came to their work, taking the time to record the music video clip for their duet, Happy Anywhere.

Blake opened up about the video clip during a current appearance on The Ellen Show, revealing that Gwen"s brother Todd had helped them film it.

The celebrity pair met on The Voice

"We made decision we to be going to relax another single even though us weren"t touring, and of food you need a video for that," that explained.

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"So Gwen has 5 years worth of house videos on she phone for this reason Todd acquired the camera out and we shot a couple of set-ups of us singing this songs, and he edited it and also put the together, and it has came to be my favourite video clip as it"s such an honest video."

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