to be determined to continue to do something in a difficult or an uncomfortable situation


Related words and also phrases:

resolved, bound, intent, decided, steadfast, earnest, unfaltering, unwavering

Idiom scenario 1

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Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I'm really no looking front to law this job. That is walking to be long, tedious and also excruciatingly boring.

Colleague 2: Well, it wake up every quarter. You had better become accustomed to it.

Colleague 1: ns guess I will certainly just need to grit my teeth and also suffer through it.

Colleague 2: The quicker we obtain started, the much faster it will be done.

Idiom script 2

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Two friends space camping ...

Friend 1: This weather is miserable. We're no having any fun. I think we must go home.

Friend 2: i agree that camping in the rain is no fun at all yet the weather projection says the is an alleged to be sunny and warm this afternoon.

Friend 1: I suppose we can grit our teeth and suffer through the remainder of the rain.

to grit your teeth - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 854

to grit your teeth - Gerund Form:

Gritting her teeth and persevering when the situation is complicated shows good character.

to grit your teeth - Examples:

1) It's probably an ext mature to admit that than simply grit your teeth and continue contact when friend don't want to.

2) ... Generally try to stop school holidays. If you can't prevent this time, grit your teeth and pull out your credit transaction card.

3) The physical addiction is easy enough, if you know what to expect and grit your teeth and ride with it.

4) do nothing. Grit your teeth and also continue to hit Delete.

5) once it's tough, grit your teeth and also smile

6) I had actually no selection but to grit my teeth and also bear it.

7) The bike was sideways v the an initial three bends and also I just had actually to grit my teeth and also get on with it quite than crash.

8) ns was close to placing the run on host till tomorrow however decided come grit my teeth and do it.

9) ... So ns simply have learned to grit my teeth and struggle on till I can acquire to somewhere.

10) ... OK, ns will merely grit my teeth... What's a couple of more year of dust and cold and wet.

11) Tom gritted his teeth and also applied all his stamin to the task.

12) it was incredibly painful, yet I gritted my teeth, thinking it important "to break up the knotty muscles."

13) I held my breath, gritted my teeth and also went at the heat as difficult as ns could.

14) that hurt terribly but I gritted my teeth as I went through it again and also again.

15) Gritting his teeth, he rolling his shoulders to lull the tension building in them.

16) Some people grit their teeth and also get through it - hats turn off to them!

17) No one wants a disloyal chum, who who's not willing to grit their teeth as soon as the going it s okay tough.

18) There definitely will be farming pains, but the fans must grit their teeth and also continue to assistance the team and also the manager.

19) some years, the pair claimed they have had to grit their teeth and also bear through the rain and cold.

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20) Pellegrini is steely once she needs to be, she can grit her teeth, she can dig deep, she have the right to hold on.