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Brands: great Value

Brand owner: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

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Categories: Plant-based foods and also beverages, Plant-based foods, Legumes and also their products, Fats, Spreads, Nuts and also their products, vegetable fats, Plant-based spreads, Oilseed purees, Legume butters, seed butters, Peanut butters

nations where sold: joined States


building materials or commodities causing allergies or intolerances: Peanuts

Ingredients analysis:Palm oilVeganVegetarian→ The analysis is based exclusively on the ingredients provided and does not take right into account handling methods.

Details that the evaluation of the ingredients »

Roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil, salt

Roasted peanuts -> en:roasted-peanuts - vegan:yes - vegetarian:yes - percent_min:25 - percent_max:100sugar -> en:sugar - vegan:yes - vegetarian:yes - percent_min:0 - percent_max:50palm oil -> en:palm-oil - vegan:yes - vegetarian:yes - from_palm_oil:yes - percent_min:0 - percent_max:33.3333333333333salt -> en:salt - vegan:yes - vegetarian:yes - percent_min:0 - percent_max:25

This product is not considered a beverage for the calculate of the Nutri-Score.

The product is in the fat category, the points because that saturated fat are changed by the points for the saturation fat / fat ratio.

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Positive points: 5

Proteins:5/5(value: 21.88, rounded value: 21.88) Fiber:5/5(value: 6.2, rounded value: 6.2) Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and colza/walnut/olive oils:0/5(value: 25, rounded value: 25)

Negative points: 13

Energy:7/10(value: 2485, rounded value: 2485) Sugars:1/10(value: 6.25, rounded value: 6.25) Saturated fat / fat ratio:2/10(value: 18.76, rounded value: 18.8) Sodium:3/10(value: 281, rounded value: 281)

The points because that proteins are not counted due to the fact that the an adverse points are better or equal to 11.

Score nutritionnel: 8 (13 - 5)

Nutri-Score: C

Nutrient levels because that 100 g

50 g Fat in high quantity 9.38 g saturated fat in high amount 6.25 g Sugars in moderate amount 0.703 g Salt in moderate amount
serving size: 2 Tbsp (32 g)

comparison to average values of commodities in the same category:

Peanut butters (1586 products)Legume butters (1589 products)Nut butters (1876 products)Oilseed purees (2302 products)Nuts and their commodities (11771 products)Legumes and also their commodities (14490 products)Vegetable fat (15056 products)Plant-based spreads (19693 products)Fats (20130 products)Spreads (40174 products)Plant-based foods (204868 products)Plant-based foods and also beverages (236487 products)% the differencevalue for 100 g / 100 ml

→ you re welcome note: because that each nutriment, the median is computed for assets for i beg your pardon the nutriment quantity is known, not on all commodities of the category.

Nutrition factsNutrition factsAs soldfor 100 g / 100 mlAs soldper serving (2 Tbsp (32 g))Peanut buttersLegume buttersNut buttersOilseed pureesNuts and their productsLegumes and their productsVegetable fatsPlant-based spreadsFatsSpreadsPlant-based foodsPlant-based foods and beverages
Energy (kJ)??2,520 kj2,520 kj2,550 kj2,550 kj2,330 kj827 kj3,350 kj1,200 kj3,220 kj1,450 kj1,110 kj979 kj
Energy (kcal)594 kcal190 kcal-1%598 kcal-1%598 kcal-1%602 kcal-2%605 kcal+6%563 kcal+170%220 kcal-25%787 kcal+114%277 kcal-22%766 kcal+82%327 kcal+118%273 kcal+149%239 kcal
Energy2,485 kj(594 kcal)795 kj(190 kcal)-1%2,500 kj(598 kcal)-1%2,500 kj(598 kcal)-1%2,520 kj(602 kcal)-2%2,530 kj(605 kcal)+6%2,350 kj(563 kcal)+173%909 kj(220 kcal)-24%3,290 kj(787 kcal)+114%1,160 kj(277 kcal)-22%3,200 kj(766 kcal)+81%1,370 kj(327 kcal)+120%1,130 kj(273 kcal)+151%991 kj(239 kcal)
Fat50 g16 g+4%48.3 g+4%48.3 g+2%48.8 g+1%49.4 g+13%44.2 g+426%9.5 g-42%85.8 g+420%9.62 g-40%83.5 g+186%17.5 g+427%9.49 g+548%7.72 g
- saturated fat9.38 g3 g+13%8.33 g+13%8.33 g+22%7.7 g+21%7.77 g+61%5.81 g+517%1.52 g-33%13.9 g+427%1.78 g-54%20.2 g+64%5.73 g+449%1.71 g+530%1.49 g
- Monounsaturated fat25 g8 g+2%24.5 g+2%24.5 g-3%25.7 g-2%25.4 g+7%23.4 g+143%10.3 g-49%49.2 g+18%21.2 g-46%46.4 g+24%20.2 g+112%11.8 g+119%11.4 g
- Polyunsaturated fat15.62 g5 g+32%11.8 g+32%11.8 g+34%11.7 g+30%12 g+14%13.7 g+175%5.69 g-21%19.7 g+10%14.2 g-19%19.2 g+26%12.4 g+229%4.75 g+243%4.56 g
- trans fat0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g
- Cholesterol0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg-100%16.5 mg-100%14.4 mg-100%0.191 mg-100%0.125 mg
Carbohydrates25 g8 g+47%17 g+47%17 g+48%16.9 g+56%16 g+34%18.6 g+50%16.7 g+1,006%2.26 g-39%40.7 g+1,216%1.9 g-26%33.9 g-26%33.7 g-17%30.1 g
- Sugars6.25 g2 g-13%7.16 g-13%7.16 g-11%7.02 g-1%6.31 g-23%8.09 g+133%2.68 g+525%1 g-82%35.4 g+605%0.887 g-79%29.5 g-26%8.39 g-23%8.1 g
Fibers6.2 g1.98 g-9%6.79 g-9%6.78 g-10%6.9 g-12%7.04 g-8%6.73 g+5%5.88 g+132%2.67 g+135%2.64 g+239%1.83 g+192%2.12 g+65%3.76 g+82%3.4 g
Proteins21.88 g7 g-9%24.1 g-9%24.1 g-4%22.8 g-4%22.8 g+29%17 g+92%11.4 g+1,202%1.68 g+707%2.71 g+1,623%1.27 g+480%3.77 g+277%5.81 g+340%4.97 g
Salt0.702 g0.225 g+12%0.628 g+12%0.629 g+38%0.508 g+50%0.467 g+82%0.386 g+37%0.512 g+648%0.094 g+214%0.224 g+205%0.23 g+58%0.446 g+46%0.482 g+70%0.414 g
Sodium0.281 g0.09 g+12%0.251 g+12%0.252 g+38%0.203 g+50%0.187 g+82%0.154 g+37%0.205 g+648%0.038 g+214%0.09 g+205%0.092 g+58%0.178 g+46%0.193 g+70%0.166 g
Vitamin A0 µg0 µg0 µg0 µg0 µg0 µg-100%2.64 µg-100%6.75 µg-100%110 µg-100%144 µg-100%327 µg-100%235 µg-100%102 µg-100%96.2 µg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg-100%0.009 mg-100%0.621 mg-100%0 mg-100%8.29 mg-100%0.004 mg-100%6.67 mg-100%6.03 mg-100%8.16 mg
Vitamin B3 / Vitamin PP (Niacin)12.5 mg4 mg+9%11.5 mg+9%11.5 mg+10%11.4 mg+10%11.4 mg+13%11.1 mg+17%10.7 mg+2%12.3 mg-2%12.8 mg+2%12.3 mg-1%12.6 mg+78%7.04 mg+88%6.64 mg
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid)32 µg10.2 µg-8%34.9 µg-8%34.9 µg-8%34.6 µg-8%34.6 µg-36%49.8 µg-57%74.5 µg-21%40.5 µg-89%296 µg-15%37.7 µg-88%258 µg-70%107 µg-70%105 µg
Potassium625 mg200 mg+9%571 mg+9%571 mg+9%575 mg+10%566 mg+10%569 mg+77%353 mg+74%359 mg+122%281 mg+117%288 mg+142%258 mg+188%217 mg+214%199 mg
Calcium62 mg19.8 mg+120%28.2 mg+120%28.2 mg+6%58.7 mg-2%63.2 mg-46%114 mg+43%43.4 mg+21%51.1 mg+163%23.6 mg+47%42.3 mg+71%36.3 mg+41%44.1 mg+48%42 mg
Iron2.25 mg0.72 mg+12%2 mg+12%2 mg+0%2.24 mg-6%2.4 mg-18%2.75 mg+24%1.82 mg+32%1.7 mg+128%0.987 mg+67%1.35 mg+137%0.948 mg+6%2.13 mg+17%1.92 mg
nutrition_score_debug">Nutrition score - France8 8 -25%10.7 -25%10.7 -15%9.36 -20%9.97 +27%6.29 -1.2 -4%8.34 -13%9.24 -27%10.9 -34%12.1 +231%2.42 +170%2.96



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