His moniker might be Juvenile, but there"s nothing infantile about the method the brand-new Orleans rapper raps his sex game. While Juvie may not precisely be whispering sweet nothings in his girl"s ear, he sure knows exactly how to gain her attention.

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Sexiest lyric: "If you loving my bark allow me ask my bone/ I obtained 4 or 5 bad merry b****es at home"

The 1974 hit track for Roberta Flack garnered the singer and producer three Grammy nominations and sealed her location in baby-makin"-music history. Basic and come the point, this smooth groove to be the collection clouds for the future quiet storm transformation that would take end R&B a te later.

Sexiest lyric: "When you speak to me, as soon as you"re moanin" sweet & low/ as soon as you"re touchin" me and my feelin"s start to show"

You recognize you"re on to something once your song is as well sexy for Rev. Al Green. The spirit legend apparently turned under this steamy number before it was taped by Sylvia in 1973, that was much more than happy to spend a full two minutes panting, sighing and also talking dirty in Spanish. ¡Caliente!

Sexiest lyric: "Ooh, ns don"t wanna check out you be no fool/ What I"m teachin" friend tonight, Boy, you"ll never learn it in school"

Today"s arena-sized rockers just don"t execute clever come-ons choose they provided to. Def Leppard"s fist-pumping anthem celebrating sex-related release tho stands as one of the "80s all-time greatest, with a chorus even your grandma can hum along to.

Sexiest lyric: "You obtained the peaches I acquired the cream/ Sweet to taste saccharine"

There space two points R. Kelly doesn"t watch anything wrong v -- among them is bumping and also the various other is grinding. The baddest boy of R&B place his sex-related desires on former street on this steamy track, together he let"s the woman of his desire know that he deserve to bust she pipes better -- and an ext often -- than her present man can.

Sexiest Lyric: "See i know simply what friend want and I know simply what friend need, girl/ so baby carry your human body to me"

Before Bret Michaels started in search of his "Rock of Love," the poison frontman preferred his ladies with as couple of strings together possible. Guitarist C.C. DeVille has confessed that the expression "unskinny bop" doesn"t really median anything, yet that hasn"t prevented listeners from making use of their imaginations.

Sexiest lyric: "You"re sayin" mine love won"t perform ya/ however that ain"t love written on your face/ well honey I have the right to see ideal through ya/ We"ll check out whose ridin" who at the end of the race"

Marvin Gaye gotten in the "80s with this "do me" standard -- making him among a grasp of artist who assisted men seal the deal over various decades. Through its gospel-style chant and 808 drumbeat, the song continues to be the design template for contemporary R&B slow-moving jams.

Sexiest lyric: "Baby I"m hot as with an oven/ I require some lovin""

Donna Summer"s epic 16-minute orgasm, set to a thick, throbbing Georgio Morodor beat, aided usher in the 12-inch single and the prolonged remix -- no to mention many prolonged bedroom sessions in the sexually-free "70s.

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Sexiest lyric: "Do it to me again and also again/ You put me in such an dreadful spin"

Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil" Kim and also Mya talk this standard to seductive success in 2001, however Patti Labelle and co."s tale of a bi-lingual brand-new Orleans contact girl -- and her ability to leave men crying for more, more, more! -- yes, really dropped jaws in the "70s. It"s an ext than sufficient incentive to bring tourists earlier to the large Easy.

Sexiest lyric: "Voulez-vouz coucher avec moi, ce soir?"

This "80s smash through Peter Gabriel doesn"t sound an especially sexy, however a great read the the song"s lyrics will leave girlfriend red-faced, together the brother singer weaves a tapestry of sex-related innuendos involving vapor trains, honey bees and also "big dippers." What, you thought it was about work tools?

Sexiest lyric: "Open up your fruitcage, where the fruit is as sweet as deserve to be"