When most world are becoming parents for the first time, Albertino (aka Tino) Ritualo invited his grandson.

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He ended up being a father once he was 14 years old and then a grandfather at 32.

Now 36, Tino speak to gay Star News about his journey to becoming a grandfather, and coming come terms through his sexuality.

Tino prospered up in a Catholic Filipino ‘military’ household. In this environment, ‘you don’t present or really feeling emotion,’ that says.

Tino was increased by his grandparents indigenous birth, but tragedy struck when his grandfather passed away when he to be 12.

He told GSN: ‘He to be the adhesive that hosted us all together and once that passed, my grandmother provided up.’

aritualo / Instagram

She lugged Tino come Canada come ‘spend some time’ with household he didn’t yes, really know and also ended up abandoning the there.

‘I bounced from residence to house sleeping on friends’ couches detect food wherein I could,’ Tino said.

During this time, the met a girl: ‘I met my daughter’s mother through she brother, who was my best friend at the time.

‘They weren’t component of the family members I was staying with. More so the rebel children I was running away with,’ that said.

And as soon as one thing led to another, Tino ended up being a father. And also then again 2 years later.

‘Knowing i was different motivated me’

Tino said: ‘At the same time I uncovered out i was walking to it is in a father, I lastly started establish that i was gay.’

‘Knowing ns was different and also wanting to administer a various life for my child encouraged me come fight for a way out.

‘I got myself with school, hosted a full time job and also took top top fatherhood the finest I could… without discovering what or who I was supposed to be,’ the said.

He come out together gay to a choose group the friends once he to be 19 and then publicly at 21.

The new generation the #grandpa. | Photo:
aritualo / Instagram

He started dating a guy at 21, a couple of months after he moved earlier to Seattle, USA.

After five years together, they gained married in Canada as it wasn’t however legal in America. However after 11 years together, the marriage broke down and also they filed because that divorce.

‘My grandson conserved me’

In the middle of divorce, Tino emerged depression. He then found out his daughter ended up being pregnant throughout her senior year the high school.

‘I was terrified,’ that said. ‘I felt it was background repeating.’

Tino and also grandson Leo. | Photo:
aritualo / Instagram

‘I didn’t desire my daughter to make her life as difficult as ns learned life might be.

‘Once mine grandson to be born though and I hosted him for the very first time, ns knew things had to change, ns knew I had actually changed. He traction me out of that depression I was in by providing me a focus,’ he said.

Now nearly four year old, Tino describes tiny Leo Dean together his finest friend.

They live together, together with Tino’s daughter Tiyanna and son Dionisio.

Tino’s daughter Tiyanna, child Dionisio and grandson Leo. | Photo:
aritualo / Instagram

In fact, Leo sleeps in the bedroom throughout the room from Tino.

Tino said: ‘With that by mine side, I have actually been encountering every fear I’ve had around myself, fatherhood and also family.

‘Last year we bought our house and for the very first time in a long time – slowly however surely – things space feeling blissfully normal and also I owe the to him.’

‘As lot as ns think I’m teaching him, he’s teaching me more,’ Tino gushed.

‘Leo knows that I choose boys’

Tino’s because started date a new guy and they’re now engaged. Leo’s met his fiancé and they gain along great.

Tino and also Leo. | Photo:
aritualo / Instagram

On gift open about his sexuality, Tino said: ‘Leo knows the I choose boys and that his mom also likes boys, however his uncle likes girls and there is nothing not correct with any kind of of it.

‘I think, as he gets older and starts to understand a little bit more, I’ll definitely sit down and have a more in-depth conversation through him.

‘But because that now, mine biggest issue is making certain he just knows he’s loved and also surrounded by civilization who care around him,’ the said.

Tino’s contents with maintaining his nephew engaged and happy: ‘So if it’s sit on his bunk bed pretending we’re on a watercraft fishing or being a zombie chasing him through the house, we carry out it.

‘Leo wants a dog yes, really bad and also I keep saying no.

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‘So currently I’m Max the puppy who has to crawl about the home while he conserves the world,’ Tino said.

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