– I'm sure you i found it conspicuously lacking any steel. That's because in first round of vain we're providing you this. A substantial pile the 5160 springsteel that you gotta number out how to forgeinto a signature tongue in her signature style. The size of your chisels mustbe in between 10 and also 13 inches. The overall lengthof her weapon have to not exceed 22 inches. You must incorporate a throughtang in her blade's design. You have actually three hoursto create your blades. An excellent luck. Her 10 minute designwindow starts– now.

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I'm going come makea recurve camp knife. I understand they have the right to stab withthe drop suggest on them. I want something v nicecurves that's great for slicing and something thatI recognize will accomplish the obstacles that they'regoing come be put through. Bladesmiths, your 10 minutedesign window has closed. Your three hourforge time starts– now. I'm going come givecanister Damascus a shot. However I've never ever done one before,so it's a small intimidating. Ooh! once I thinkthese guys are going for is if lock stretchout the springs it's much easier to get powder around– Powder all the wayaround that material. If ns don't placed spacebetween each coil, climate I could end up withdelamination or cold shut.

I've never weldedbefore, for this reason this is fun. OK, so we have a smith herethat does no know how to weld. – Come on, Andrew.– Uh-oh. Yeah, rotate it ~ above first. turning it ~ above helps. Let's view if hegets the cave of it. ns mean, it's– shoot. Ns can't see with the visor. And also I'm trying to hookthe welder as much as the steel and then quicklypull under my mask, 'cause ns can't view anything. Mother– It's ugly. simply dumped hiscanister and spilled about fifty percent his flour out.– Ah jeez. Oh man. I'm quite bummed. But there's no way thisis going come happen. I'm not going toeven garbage time to perform something that ns don't know. Ns gotta carry out a 180 and shot to makeup for every this lost time now. Ns don't have time forany more mess ups.

I've currently messed up once. Plan B is to gain thesecoil springs welded up. And I'm going come geta piece of mild steel, pave it roughly that, weld ittogether for part .. He's obtained one lengthy wire,but so tiny metal. I've got my springswelded up, so currently I start gaining my gentle steelinto a sandwich shape. I need to obtain it niceand chop to where it's no going to loss outwhen i go to set my an initial weld. Andrew's relocating some steel.


The trouble withAndrew relocating some steel is that doesn't haveenough stole to even create an leaf for that thing. I understand what I'mgoing to finish up with, and it's not going tobe my format or pretty, yet I simply want to get aknife excellent at this point. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Bladesmiths, shut under yourmachines and also drop your tools! This forging round is over. i hope the judgescan appreciate that i did everythingthe old-fashioned way. Ns don't reallyappreciate welding. I choose to do rivets. I think welds are type of ugly. Because that the many part, welder. Bladesmiths, thiswas a very daunting round one, reallychallenging your difficulty solving capabilities. Currently it's time forthe judges to take a closer look at at her work.

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Mike, you're up. One thing that Ilike around this blade is it's designedfor a stabbing test. For this reason you have actually that spear-likeshape end there. I favor that girlfriend havea false leaf on one next that'll support the stab. Andrew, you recognize what to do. I'm gonna betotally honest, MIG welding is around the easiestwelding over there is out there. I really wouldhave favored to have seen you perhaps spend about 10minutes and also just number it out. That could absolutely helpyou beef this tongue up, OK. This is really lean. Bill, you're up.

You acquired wiresthat room sticking up on the ends that are loose. I deserve to wiggle thewires inside the taco, therefore it's definitelynot welded up 100%. especially that piece. Bill, her bladedid not make the cut. Jay will certainly explain. Bill, we all reallyappreciate the job-related you put right into that challenge,but not having actually your high carbon steel build welded together,it's the least occurred blade we have presented to us today. For this reason that's why we'regoing to let girlfriend go..

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