Elizabeth Vranas and her husband, Ron, bought the for the Love of chocolate store in Carytown from the shop’s initial owner.

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James Kinard (left) and Brian Grygiel rang increase purchases at for the Love of coco in December 2017.

Employee Naria Stovall places one of 25 candy selections right into a velvet heart box for a client at for the Love of cacao the day before Valentines job in 2017.

For the Love that Chocolate, the popular chocolate, sweets and gourmet treats keep in Carytown, has new owners after 27 years.

Elizabeth and also Ron Vranas bought the store at 3136 W. Carry St. In the carry Court Park & Shop from the store"s original owner. The transaction was effective Aug. 1.

The couple bought the keep from James Kinard, who opened the shop originally at southern Colonial and also West Cary roads in respectable 1993, and also his service partner Brian Grygiel. The shop relocated to its existing spot in June 2006.

"This was really about keeping a stayinfiji.com symbol going," she said. "We assumed it to be a great opportunity to continue what James had actually started. He constructed this good candy keep out that nothing native the soil up. He has actually wonderful customers."

The pair had heard around Kinard"s retirement plan from their youngest daughter, who functioned at the shop component time indigenous October through late February. Their oldest son had worked there a couple of year ago.

And Elizabeth Vranas shopped at because that the Love of coco when she was doing part marketing job-related for commonwealth Endodontics, wherein her husband is partner. She got to recognize Kinard as a customer.

The couple talked about buying because that the Love of Chocolate. "We have actually been looking for years to carry out something together. We looked at commercial real estate. However nothing was very exciting," she said.

They chose to go after buying it. She invested the last 3 months discovering the ropes of the service by shadowing Kinard.

"We don’t want to adjust anything," she said, other than to market the save by making use of social media and also possibly selling T-shirts and also hats the the employee wear the say "I occupational for chocolate."

The ownership additionally has become a household affair. The earliest daughter handles social media. The younger daughter is ago working in the store. Their youngest son can pitch in as soon as needed.

“Our employees are 100% dedicated to the store and know ours products very well," she said. "We are happy the the are on this ride with us.”

For the Love of coco stocks dozens brand of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and also chocolate truffles from everywhere the world. It has actually a case of Leonidas Belgian Chocolates, among the couple of places in the U.S. Whereby customers can obtain that brand.

It likewise sells cacao covered strawberry that space hand-dipped daily and also a big assortment that Jelly Belly and also M&Ms.

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