After Soulja boy apologized for his function in his recurring beef with Chris Brown ~ above Wednesday afternoon, we type of assumed that it meant the beef was over. Or in ~ the really least, that it to be going to die down.

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Sure, Adrien Broner breathed a small bit of life back into it by posting this really official struggle poster on Instagram fostering a celebrity boxing match in between Soulja and also Chris:

But the two artists aren’t in reality going come fight, are they?

Well, somehow, Floyd Mayweather worked himself into the mix overnight and it shows up as despite he’s currently a part of the Soulja/Chris beef. Late Wednesday night, he took to Instagram come let everyone understand that he’s walking to take it the reins native Broner and also promote the fight between Soulja and Chris. He placed up a fight poster the his own and also everything:




It came just hrs after Mayweather's frenemy 50 Cent put up an Instagram video clip and claimed that he thought Mayweather should assist put the hit together:

50 additionally said he want to gambling $100,000 on kris winning the hit while simultaneously saying that Mayweather might be an ext inclined come side through Soulja because he has a history with Chris. "Floyd did part shit when Chris was on the phone with a girl, for this reason he’ll probably be feeling a tiny funny since Chris most likely fucked some of the very same bitches that fucked and also all type of shit choose that," 50 said.

Shortly after ~ Mayweather placed up his fight poster, it to be then reposted by Soulja ~ above IG, who claimed that he’s already signed a contract come take part in the fight in exchange because that $1 million. Additionally, he said Mayweather is walking to aid train him:

And while the didn't provide much understanding into the details surrounding the fight, it did let us all understand what the can be fried goal here is for Mayweather and Soulja: To make money. Lots and also lots the money.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with every one of the fast-moving breakthroughs here, you’re not alone. But wait, there’s more! and also it could actually it is in the many scandalous part of this whole beef.

In enhancement to all of this struggle talk, chris Brown’s ex Nia Guzman also appeared to get in ~ above the action early Thursday by posting one IG picture of Royalty, her daughter v Chris, that renders it look prefer she will be cheering for Soulja to victory the boxing match. She has due to the fact that deleted the photo, however Soulja reposted it:

And TMZ recorded up through Nia, who claimed that the photo has nothing to do with the propose fight. Rather, she stated that she has actually been hanging out through Mayweather a many lately and that that is "investing in Royalty’s future."

That obviously made kris mad. Soon after that photo popped up on TMZ, he placed up this video on Instagram and also told Soulja not to bring his daughter right into the beef:

Chris additionally said the he wants to relocate the fight up and also have it occur much sooner 보다 March. Clearly, this beef isn't walk to finish anytime soon.

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Soulja boy is feather to have some big names in attendance together he's currently invited Rihanna and Karrueche, Chris' exes. "I recognize they dont desire this bitch nigga kris Brown no more. However they can watch me knock that out." Welp.