Fortnite has one more loading screen lined up for week 7 of season 10 here, and also it’s kind of a weird one. It’s a swimming pool party through fish monster skins and one the the brand-new almost-default entries, and also yet again, has nothing to do with a bigger story that the season, as these loading display screens have in the past.

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If you’re in search of the hidden fight star in the loading screen, you will not find any kind of coordinates scrawled all over for a change. Fairly you space zooming in ~ above one point in particular:



Yes, the taco. It have to be no surprise that this hidden fight star is sending us to among the new rift zone areas for this week, the brand-new giant taco restaurant situated at Greasy Grove, which has apparently booted Durrr Burger to the curb.



You do not have to climb the building and get on optimal of the taco to obtain the star. Rather, the fight star is going to be within the restaurant itself. You enter through a door at the front or side (the front one is sort of hidden), and you are trying to find a gap in the booths on the front, right part of the save (north east on the map). That’s whereby the fight star must be as soon as it appears after the third daily an obstacle this coming Saturday (I hate just how these space rolled the end now).


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Here’s wherein this is top top the map if the helps girlfriend out.



This week, we experienced the visitor Volta skin leak, which must be the an enig legendary skin for this season. In the past, we have actually seen the an enig legendary skin make appearances in these loading screens, but that hasn’t happened this season, and also unlike past seasons, girlfriend don’t require to complete full weeks of challenges to obtain either the loading screen or unlock the Visitor. Though i’m still not rather sure just how he is walking to it is in unlocked.

This week’s difficulties are every team-based and also kind the terrible, so girlfriend will probably want this bonus battle star to assist you v your development in instance you desire to skip many of the difficulties this week. Mr knows ns don’t have time because that duos or squads v strangers this days.

See you in ~ the Taco shop, we can have a compelled dance party.

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