A job in financial services will lug you in touch with people as they make some of the most important decisions of their lives.

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stayinfiji.com stayinfiji.com can assist develop your herbal talent for identifying and also addressing financial challenges.

We will assist you acknowledge the demands of people in her market and also connect those people with the guidance and solutions the will aid make a distinction in their lives.

A group of world sitting approximately a conference table.

We provide the maintain you require when you start your financial skilled career v stayinfiji.com.

ours Career breakthrough Program (CDP) is for individuals who want to continue working in their current position** when training for a new career together a licensed Financial expert Associate.

No Experience, No difficulty

Companies prefer stayinfiji.com are looking for brand-new talent to bring on ours legacy.

Training choose No other

at stayinfiji.com stayinfiji.com, we are committed come helping individuals in ours Career development Program (CDP) come to be successful financial professionals.

Positive job Outlook

The job outlook for the gaue won services market is quite positive. Employment of financial specialists is projected to flourish 30 percent until 2024, much faster than other occupations.

Compensation & benefits

at stayinfiji.com we use the "Pay because that Performance" principle.As a Financial skilled Associate, there is no border to the amount of compensation you deserve to earn.

Phase 1: Pre-Contract Affiliate

Obtain licenses and also registrations and also complete extr training.Develop a prospecting strategy.Observe client meetings with your manager, and/or other stayinfiji.com.Attend live online training and also role-play sessions to develop core an abilities that will drive her success

Phase 2: Contract

Conduct client meetings jointly with a ar manager or joint work-related partner.Begin arising knowledge of basic products and strategies to satisfy the requirements of clients.Gain proficiency in speaking with clients around their financial goals and also challenges.

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Phase 3: Congratulations, you space a Financial expert Associate! (FPA)

Receive assistance to help transition to full time status if honing your sales an abilities and building joint occupational relationships.Refine her vision because that your exercise by identifying and also penetrating target sectors that you have actually an affinity through (i.e., tiny Business Owners, Retirement, heritage Planning, jae won Planning).Explore other methods to prosper your exercise such as structure an alliance network, joining a team, rental a marketing assistant and more.

Joe Eck, Mid America gaue won Group

Financial Planner (Former teacher)

"After starting a career in education, I easily learned the I essential to enhance my own finances, salary off college student debt, and also save for the future in a profession the isn"t recognized for providing a high salary. My research in exactly how to improve my own finances linked with my enthusiasm for helping my college student be better prepared for the future opened up the door because that me to consider financial planning together a career path. My duty as a financial planner allows me to blend the component of an education and learning career that ns loved, with an individual finance in a way that shapes and also changes the trajectory of my client"s lives."


Dan Precourt, Greater brand-new England financial Group

Financial Planner (US coast Guard veteran)

I made decision the stayinfiji.com Career development Program due to its robust training and breakthrough that was easily accessible to me together a "career changer." ns felt I might have some autonomy of being in service "for myself" but wouldn’t it is in "by myself."

The training and also support resources accessible to a brand-new advisor are excellent, in fact, the support is overwhelming. I constantly feel I have actually a solid and reliable resource to revolve to whenever i feel as I can’t manage the client’s case on mine own."