fund classification S&P 500 % location in group Quintile rank
12.23 24.00 17.48 12.75 10.11
9.71 23.13 16.67 12.37 8.90
22.39 33.55 20.29 18.43 16.20
18 42 32 41 19
1 3 2 3 1
3, 5, and 10 Year Returns room Annualized

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Investment Policy

The fund seeks funding growth by normally investing at the very least 65% of complete assets in international securities, typically investing mostly in common stocks and allocating investments across countries and also regions considering dimension of industry and an ar relative to dimension of international market as a whole.

Company change % network Assets
ASML stop N.V. 1.70% 2.82
Roche stop AG Part. Cert. -2.27% 2.61
LVMH Moet Hennessy luigi Vuitton SE 0.72% 2.19
Nestle S.A. 1.37% 2.12
Hoya Corp. 0.24% 2.00
AIA team Ltd. -2.71% 1.78
Keyence Corp. 0.30% 1.46
Sika AG 0.38% 1.32
Dsv A/S ORD 0.00% 1.31
Deutsche post AG 1.08% 1.23

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date INCOMEDISTRIBUTION funding GainsDistribution
2020 $0.06 $0.45
2019 $0.57 -
2018 $0.47 $1.89
2017 $0.48 $1.69
2016 $0.43 $0.07
2015 $0.38 $0.14
2014 $0.45 $0.92
2013 $0.37 $0.23
2012 $0.51 $0.07
2011 $0.55 -

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