Larry King interviews Faye Resnick (Connie Britton) top top Tuesday night"s episode of "The people vs. OJ Simpson." Below: King in 1995.Prashant Gupta/FX
APTalk about a ’90s flashback.

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Talk display host Larry King plays self on Tuesday night’s episode of “The civilization vs. OJ Simpson,” which recounts Simpson’s 1995 double-murder trial.

In the episode, the then-host that CNN’s famous “Larry King Live” interviews Nicole Brown pal Faye Resnick (Connie Britton) — who’d just written a tell-all publication — and also “Dream Team” defense attorney F. Lee Bailey (Nathan Lane), who passive-aggressively mocks fellow OJ lawyer Robert Shapiro (played by man Travolta).

“I’m said that once they were placing together the spreading they said, ‘Who’s going to play Larry King?’ and someone said, ‘Why not Larry himself?,’” says King, 82. “It was a fun shoot. They offered me a wig and also boy, i had more hair two decades ago!”

(King will also be watched in future episodes together his 1995 alter-ego, interviewing Vanity fair writer Dominick Dunne (Robert Morse) — who was extending the OJ psychological — and also defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, played by Evan Handler.)

“They got me the glasses I offered to wear and also even uncovered shirts i beg your pardon were practically like the ones ns wore earlier then,” King says. “The wig to be tremendous. It’s very weird. My wife took a the majority of pictures and got castle blown up and, wow, i look young! I have actually a most hair now yet didn’t realize I had actually so much hair ~ above the side then.

“The makeup was pretty much the same, despite they did need to cover a few spots i didn’t have actually then.”

King, who left CNN in 2010 and also now hosts a talk display on Ora TV, claimed he had a “tremendous feeling of deja vu” wade on come the reconstructed collection of his old CNN talk show.

“They constructed that collection and i bet it cost an ext than CNN invested on the set,” the says. “It was brightly lit and I believed I was at CNN again. They even had the very same cables and got the exact same microphone.

“It was simple playing myself,” that says. “I’ve excellent it so plenty of times … and it to be so comfortable to sit there v the same set, table, mic, suspenders. It take it 20 minutes to put the wig on and it felt great.

“I want to store … however I can not use heard ago yet. I understand it cost $7,500.”

King states he jumped at the opportunity to pat a retro version of himself.

“I said yes immediately,” he says. “That was an incredible phase of mine life. obtained me to move to LA and also that’s how I met my wife, Shawn. Ns can’t think it’s been 20 years; there’s never ever been a story prefer that and CNN didn’t have any real compete then. There was Court TV yet no Fox News Channel or MSNBC. Us literally had the playing ar to ourselves.

“I’m surprised they didn’t use any footage the the night ~ the verdict, as soon as I had actually Johnnie Cochran on <‘Larry King Live’> and also OJ called in,” King says. “It was a phenomenal night, having Cochran in the studio and OJ on the phone.

“I’ll tell you what they have enhanced,” he says. “The Kardashians. Robert was a boy player — he satellite at the defense table but he was not among the lawyers. There was never any focus on wanting to satisfy his family.

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But what-the-hell — it is TV for you.”

Hair’s the thing

FX NetworksCourtney B. Vance (above), who plays Johnnie Cochran top top “The human being vs. OJ Simpson,” tells The Post’s Robert Rorke about the wig the wore because that the FX series.

“The wig is the bomb. I was told by Sam Jackson around the human being to do my wig … and also claimed we have our own person. Victoria Wood. She finished up make wigs for man and Nathan . She wraps your head in Saran wrap, climate she color etc an outline of your scalp since she can see v it. Then she tapes it, for this reason it’s tight. Elevator it off and walks away. It’s a mold … like a small skullcap.”