There space some clear NPC-attached houses/places in the game, and also it seems prefer NPC are totally fine if I find all their bookshelves, desks, etc. And also take items stored there. Is law such points somehow influence the game, or just stealing directly from NPC influence you?

That problems me is that I have the right to take something, NPC will certainly silently "ignore" this, yet later that can have some consequences. In various other words is it for sure to take everything that don"t reasons immediate NPC reaction?


If a container is no owned by an NPC, you have the right to take indigenous it without consequence. Periodically it is not evident which containers room owned, and also which aren"t.

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There room three usual reactions i m sorry are instantly visible as soon as you effort to steal native NPCs. (this has stealing directly from the NPC"s person, and stealing indigenous containers)

The NPC will neglect it, and there will certainly be no repercussion whatsoever. This usually means that the container was no owned (by them) or lock didn"t watch you acquisition items from it.The NPC will certainly react negatively. This is usually indicated by conversation which pops increase over peak of them.If girlfriend are captured attempting come steal native a container or directly from an NPC"s inventory, you will commonly not receive the item(s) or XP in this failure attempt.Multiple failure attempts at stealing (getting caught) will certainly sometimes reason the associated NPC to enter combat and also attack you.The NPC will attack you immediately.

There room some differences in success rate between stealing items off of one NPC, and stealing from a container i beg your pardon is owned by them.

Let us assume the we have a 50% success price at stealing any kind of item.

When friend steal indigenous an NPC"s person, there is a examine for every item the you steal:You open the inventory food selection of an NPC come steal from them.You take it one items from their inventory.A inspect is do to check out whether or not you properly stole the item. (50% chance to gain this one item)If you space caught: friend don"t gain the item, the inventory display screen closes, and one that the optimal 3 scenarios occurs.If you weren"t caught: You gain the item, and repeat the process.The odds room not in your favour in ~ this rate because the examine is made for each item.When girlfriend steal native a container i beg your pardon an NPC owns, only one check is made:You open up the inventory food selection of the container which you space stealing from.You have the right to move as countless items right into your inventory together you want and also no checks room made.When friend close the menu, a solitary check is do using the same chance to steal as you get when stealing simply one item. (50% possibility to stealing all items selected)If you room caught: girlfriend don"t get the item, the inventory display closes, and one the the peak 3 scenarios occurs.If you weren"t caught: you get every one of the items.Your odds that stealing an ext items space much far better as the inspect was just made once.

So, if you room stealing from a container, make it count and grab as much as girlfriend can. The penalties if you mess up are the same for stealing one item as they room for stealing one hundred items.

Note: Your possibility of stealing an object is affected by 3 factors:

Your steal skill.Your sneak skill (if you have sneak turned on).The NPC"s visibility of you likewise affects her sneak success rate. If you space behind someone and also sneaking+stealing, you have a much better chance that success 보다 attempting the in front of them.Remember that light affects your sneak success rate.

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Perks which improve your stealing abilities.