________ targets a details return top top investment.

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Cost-plus pricing
Break-even pricing
Target profit pricing
Standard markup pricing

All the the following statements are true, except:

The simplest pricing an approach is cost-plus pricing.
Sellers are an ext certain about demand than about costs.
Standard markups ignore existing demand.
Cost as a percent of marketing price is one more commonly used pricing method in the restaurant industry.

All the the following statements space true, except:

Value-based pricing supplies the buyers" consciousness of worth as the an essential to pricing.
One an approach of identifying exactly how much customers are willing come pay involves using a method called trade-off analysis.
Going-rate pricing is the facility of price based greatly on those of competition, with much attention paid to expenses or demand.
The information from the trade-off evaluation provides supervisors with an idea of which features add more value 보다 they cost.

Which that the following is no a new-product pricing strategy?

prestige pricing
market-skimming pricing
yield management
market-penetration pricing

_________ is setting a high price once the industry is price insensitive.

Market-skimming pricing
Prestige pricing
Market-penetration pricing
Promotional pricing

__________ combines number of products and also offers the bundle at a reduced price.

Discount pricing
Discriminatory pricing
Promotional pricing
Product-bundle pricing

___________pricing describes segmentation the the market and also pricing differences based on price elasticity characteristics of these segments.


All that the complying with statements room true, except:

Low variable costs linked with fluctuations in need make price differentiate a valuable tool for smoothing demand and also bringing additional revenue and profits.
The function behind fencing is to store price-inelastic client from using prices designed because that price-elastic segments.
Price Sensitivity measure (PSM) helps to establish a balance of price v product or organization value based on costs.
Customers tend to leveling price details by ignoring finish figures.

The principle behind yield administration is come manage_______ properly by pricing differences based upon the elasticity of demand for selected client segments.

costs and also sales
capacity and also demand
revenue and inventory
reservation and occupancy

All the the complying with statements space true, except:

Excess volume may cause price cuts.
Companies may cut prices in a journey to dominate the market.
Cost inflation is a significant factor because that price cuts.

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Price changes will affect buyers, competitors, distributors, and also suppliers.

All that the following are internal factors influencing pricing decisions, except:

marketing objectives
marketing mix strategy

All of the complying with are external determinants influencing pricing decisions, except:

nature of the market and also demand
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