1) visibility or absence of an are between the articulating bones, called a synovial cavity.2) the kind of connective organization that binds the bones together.

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Which functional class of joints has joints that are freely moveable?SynarthrosisAmphiarthrosesDiarthroses

Which is a form fibrous joint written of a slim layer of thick irregular fibrous connective tissue found in between the skeleton of the skull?Syndesomes Gomphosis Suture

A suture share fits right into which practical joint classification?Synarthrosis Amphiarthrosis Diarthrosis Synovialcartilaginous

The epiphyseal plate in a long bone is an instance of which form of joint?Gomphosis SutureSymphysis Synovial Synchondrosis

The joint in between the an initial rib and the manubrium that the sternum is classifies as:A synchondrosis A Synarthrosis A cartilaginous jointAll the theseNone the these

Which is no a typical characteristic of synovial joints?Contain a share cavity.Are easily moveable.Articulating bones are covered with hyaline cartilage.Include elastic cartilage.Have ligaments stop the share together.

Which that the complying with is made from dense consistent connective tissue?LigamentsArticular cartilage Articular fat padsSynovial membrane Synovial fluid

Which of the adhering to structures encompass the fibular and also tibial collateral ligaments that the knee joint?Synovial membranes Articular fat padsMenisci Extracapsular ligaments Tendon sheath

Another term for for menisci is...Articular fat padsArticular discsArticular spacesCapsular fat pads Capsular discs

Articular discs-Maintain the stability of a joint-Direct circulation of the synovial liquid to areas of greatest friction.-are make of hyaline cartilage -are only found in the vertebral column

Which the the following structures is used to alleviate friction in joints?Bursae Synovial fluidAccessory ligaments Elastic fibers

Which type of motion results from relatively flat bone surface moving earlier and forth and from side to side with respect come one another?Flexion expansion Gliding CircumductionHyperextension

Which the the complying with represents a form of movement where over there is a to decrease in the anglebetween articulating bones?FlexionExtensionGlidingCircumductionRotation

Bending the trunk forward at the intervertebral discs is an instance of what kind of angular movement?FlexionExtensionLateral flexion Hyperextension none of these

Moving the humerus laterally at the shoulder share is an instance of which kind of movement?Lateral flexionHyperextension AdductionGliding

Which form of movement requires a continuous sequence the flexion, abduction, extension, and also adduction causing a distal body component of relocating in a circle?Gliding Lateral flexionHyperextension CircumspectionElevation

Which of the adhering to is not taken into consideration a "special movement" that occurs at only particular joints?DepressionProtractionElevationSupination all these room special movements

What kind of special movement occurs in your clavicles at your acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular joints once you cross her arms in front of your body?Protraction Retraction inversion EversionSupination

Which special activity occurs as soon as you bend her foot in ~ the ankle in the direction that the foot"s superior surface together would happen when you stand on your heels?Inversion Eversion Dorsiflexion Plantar flexionSupination

Which function goes through the knee joint?Medial and lateral menisciGlenoid labrumRadial annular ligamentZona obicularis Acetabular labrum

Which the the complying with is not a aspect that influences the form of activity and range of motion feasible at a synovial joint?Structure the the articulating bonesStrength and tension the the joint ligamentsUse that the jointArrangement and tension of the musclesHormones

Disuse that a limb, prefer would happen when the limb is in cast, leads to muscular atrophy of the affected joint.

Bursae are saclike frameworks that are generally found in between bone and...SkinMuscleLigamentsTendonsAll the various other answer selections

Which of the following is not an anatomical component of the elbow?Articular capsuleUlnar collateral ligamentRadial collateral ligament Anular ligament that the radius Tendon the the biceps brachii muscle

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A share in which over there is a complete combination of two separate bones right into one bone is calledSynchondrosis Syndesmosis Symphysis DiarthrosisSynostosis