Eric Church sings come a complete house in ~ Sioux Falls, S.D."s Danny Sanford Premier facility on Saturday, Jan. 14. Photograph Credit: J. D. Lyon, Jr.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — with a couple of strums top top his weathered Gibson guitar, Eric Church began his 2017 Holdin’ My own Tour in Lincoln, Neb. Friday night, leading with “Mistress named Music” indigenous the CMA Album that the Year, Mr. Misunderstood.

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Following the opening present at the Pinnacle financial institution Arena, Church stopped in cool Forks, N.D. At its Ralph Engelstad Arena top top Saturday, Jan. 14 and Sioux Falls, S.D. At its Denny Sanford Premier facility on Sunday, Jan. 15, totaling 38,200 fans to whom the tenacious nation rocker played.

Performing much more than 90 songs and over nine hours in just one weekend, Church and his “superb” (Lincoln newspaper Star) band played two complete sets the old and brand-new favorites each night that brought, together the Lincoln newspaper Star put it, “a swinging ode to the power of ‘Jack Daniels’ complete with shots, tiny town story à la ‘Homeboy’ and also salutes to ‘Talladega’ that became a singalong, and also a beer-glasses-held-high ‘Pledge Allegiance to The Hag.’”

Holding “a strong connection through his audience” that the Lincoln newspaper Star compares come the likes of “Springsteen,” Church played 15 song in the an initial set in ~ the Pinnacle bank Arena, consisting of fan favorites: “Carolina,” “Talladega” and “Cold One.” ~ a 20 minute break, he played another 21 songs because that fans, security the night “energized” while he, together Omaha World-Herald puts it, “laughed at fans, high-fived as numerous as the could,” and “led the audience in singalongs.” The country-music maverick finished the show with “Holdin’ my Own” and an encore of “Sinners favor Me,” the title monitor of his an initial album.

As component of his to plan to help with keeping music within schools, Church invite the 24-member regional Omaha southern High choir to complete out “Mistress named Music” through him top top stage during his Friday night show. Throughout the tourism Church will continue to invite neighborhood participating college student choirs onstage with him, and also will do contributions to underfunded institutions on the Holdin’ My own Tour as part of GRAMMY Foundation’s neighborhood Award Grant.

Breaking ground through his two-set present (sans opener), Lincoln journal Star composed that the method he color etc in his fans, is “why Church is the rare artist – in country or any type of other genre – who deserve to pull turn off a three-hour show, which he did impressively Friday.”

The Holdin’ My own Tour will cross phibìc America throughout the year. Find tour dates and also purchase tickets here.

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For additional details ~ above the ticketing device plus information on VIP packages, These Boots by Lucchese and Church’s custom-designed Gibson Hummingbird Dark ~ above tour, stay tuned to www.ericchurch.com.