How perform I change the squid cartridges?

carry out the following:

Removing and Installing octopus Cartridges

Make certain you have actually your replacement cartridges handy prior to you begin. You must install brand-new cartridges immediately after remove the old ones.

Caution: Leave her old cartridges in the printer till you are ready to replace them to prevent the publish head nozzles from dry out. Do not open ink cartridge packages until you are all set to download the ink. Cartridges space vacuum pack to preserve reliability.

rotate on her product. If an octopus cartridge is expended, you see a article on the LCD screen. Note which cartridges should be replaced and press the OK button, then push the up arrow button. If you room replacing a cartridge before you check out a blog post on the LCD screen, push the up or down arrow button to pick Setup and press the OK button. Then choose Maintenance > Ink Cartridge(s) Replacement and press one of the Start buttons. Lift up the scanner unit.

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Caution: carry out not move the publish head by hand; otherwise, friend may damages your product. Carry out not touch the level white cable inside the printer.

squeeze the tab ~ above the cartridge and lift the cartridge directly up to eliminate it.

Note: Dispose of used cartridges carefully. Carry out not take it the provided cartridge personal or try to refill it.

Warning: If ink it s okay on her skin, to wash it completely with soap and water. If squid gets into your eyes, flush them instantly with water. If octopus gets right into your mouth, spit the out and see a medical professional right away. Store ink cartridges the end of the with of children.

prior to opening the new cartridge package, shake the gently four or 5 times.

Caution: perform not shower the cartridges after opening the packages, or ink may leak.

eliminate the cartridge native the package.

Caution: carry out not touch the environment-friendly chip or the little window top top the cartridge. Install the brand-new cartridge immediately after removed the old one; if you do not, the print head may dry out and also be can not to print.

remove the yellow tape indigenous the next of the cartridge.

Caution: carry out not remove any other brand or seals, or ink will certainly leak.

Insert the brand-new cartridge right into the holder and push it down until it clicks right into place.

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reduced the scanner unit.