Eliana eye is a sweet, chaste young mrs who"s around to inherit the family members fortune at age 21. Right now her parents" company, bank accounts, and estates room managed...

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in i m sorry a one night stand v Harry styles will tied the 2 of them forever highest rank #10 in #harryedwardstyles

Marisol tried come live life come the fullest. She to visit Rochester University and studied worldwide Studies and also Economics. After ~ graduating, she attended law school a...
*Illumi X woman Reader* (y/n) is a maid for the notorious Zoldyck family of assassins yet after she it s okay knocked increase by the eldest son Illumi she now faces many brand-new obsta...

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What happens when the university Nerd and Playboy drops in love because of a an easy dare? Evander Arlette take it a challenge to make Violet Everly autumn in love v him, however when...
"I can not love friend now, however I will learn to love you" ___