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Ellen Pompeo is setup the document straight once and for all about persistent rumors around her slim frame.

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The 46-year-old Grey"s Anatomy star candidly talks about the eating disorder rumors that have plagued her throughout she career in a brand-new interview, and the challenges of aging in Hollywood.

"I provided to get a the majority of criticism for just how thin i was, and I didn"t have actually a lot of confidence since of it," Pompeo tells People, clarifying, "But i was naturally thin."

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"I constantly thought it was irresponsible of the media to portray me as someone with an eat disorder, due to the fact that if part girls look as much as me and also think that"s what you need to do to look prefer me, it"s a horrifying concept," she adds. "I listened to the criticism a small too lot -- and this was pre-social media. It"s even crazier to think what women have actually to deal with now."

Pompeo also says she"s not a pan of Botox or plastic surgery, and hasn"t gone through either that the two. The mother of 2 shares that she"s acquired some view on she physical appearance with age.

"I think as soon as you"re in her "20s and also "30s, you"re supervisor obsessed through your looks because you don"t have any type of other wisdom," she says. "I have the wisdom to understand that cultivation old is a privilege that no everyone is afforded. If my physics beauty is the only thing that leaves me and my health and also my family members stay, then that is what"s really necessary to me."

Still, Pompeo admits her age is why she"s stayed on Grey"s Anatomy because that so long. Pompeo has starred on the abc hit for every 12 seasons of the show, which started more than a decade ago in 2005. In June, she signed a brand-new deal the will keep her as the main lead ~ above Grey"s Anatomy for its upcoming 13th season.

"My decision to stay on Grey"s was based solely on age," she acknowledges come the magazine. "At 33 , ns was wise enough to understand my clock was currently ticking in Hollywood."

" I more than likely would have actually done my time, climate gone the end to find for various other things," she muses. " was definitely aware of how difficult it would be to discover other roles in my so late 30s and also early 40s."

Of course, she is an ext than happy through her decision. Pompeo -- one of TV"s highest-paid actresses -- earns much more than $300,000 per episode, according to Deadline.

"I thought, "Why would certainly I leaving something that is supervisor successful and pays me good to find the landscape?"" she explains. "I decided that ns would continue to be on Grey"s and also be thankful and shot to drive it out for as lengthy as i could. And I am very happy that i made the decision come stay. It"s just gotten much better with time."

Though it can absolutely be brutal the town hall herself period through the years on the show.

"Watching myself age on TV is miserable. To it is in honest, it’s the toughest part of mine job," she admits. "But as uncomfortable as watching myself period is, ns don"t think concentrating on physics beauty is have to the ideal thing for her mind. It’s a herbal thing that us all do, but I don"t think it’s the healthiest thing. The older you get, the an ext you establish life isn"t around your looks."

"Everyone ages, and also it’s OK," she stresses.

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But it"s safe to speak Pompeo is tho looking fantastic. Earlier this month, she went on vacation through her Grey"s co-star Jesse Williams, and also shared cute image of the 2 paddleboarding together in Hawaii.

Watch below:

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