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Tonight the main occasion has me up versus a legendAnd I recognize Halle Berry is famed in her professionBut let's no pretend the Catwoman didn't suckHalle, that was a Batman movie, how'd friend mess the up?I love her movie Swordfish, well, just one sceneIt's thought about a classic among prepubescent teensListen, you're for this reason pretty, i wish you'd lugged a disguiseYou're so poor at... Ahh, i just gained lost in her eyesThat's all you got? i mean, because that real?I'm offered to act this with, like, David Schwimmer, no Halle Berry!This gon' be less complicated than i thought. Gimme a beatI'm happy Swordfish was to her satisfactionIt's probably the just time your penis has seen some actionYes, everybody knows Catwoman tankedBut i took Kingsman to the motherfucking bank!I gotta ask girlfriend one thing prior to I make you loseAre her eyes tiny small, or your head stunner huge?James has a Tony, that's cool and also allBut I have an Oscar, therefore suck mine "Monster Balls"
Halle is a classic, this entirety thing's tragicYou're just Viola Davis, yet not together charismaticSure, you winner an Oscar, but I inquiry the votersI use my Gothika DVD as a drink coasterYes, friend won ideal Actress, but that was previous tenseUnless it was for pretending Cloud Atlas provides sense2008, you were Sexiest woman AliveWas the a minute when Beyoncé briefly died?Fat jokes space too easy, I'll try to be nicerBut who held your pizza when you kissed Sean SpicerYou apologized, for this reason I recognize you learned your lessonToo bad you couldn't give a handjob to Jeff SessionsAnd you produce this show, isn't the fun?You've remained in ten battles and lost every onePoor James, late night's forget sonJimmy Kimmel conserved Obamacare, what the fuck have you done, son?Yeah, i kissed Sean Spicer, that's easy to fixI thought once you kiss a frog, he turns into a princeAnd if you acquired political, or friend tried toAnd currently we have Donald Trump, so ns guess we blame youWhen it pertains to getting married, three divorces is enoughForget signing autographs, authorize a prenup!You've done so many X-Men movies, probably a dozenI heard "X Men" and also I assumed it was about your husbands

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Yeah, you got me, i am a divorcéeBut what walk Jay-Z say? Oh, hell no, not todayCarpool Karaoke is good as a gimmickWe clock for real stars, we don't treatment that you're in itNow why space you so angry and pushy?Of food you hated Catwoman, girlfriend never acquire pussyI've winner so much, friend couldn't save tallyThis battle's favor the Oscars, y'all, the winner isHalle!