Driving v your eye closed would certainly be crazy, right? but that"s pretty lot what you execute if you text on the highway.

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When you send or open a message while driving, you"re taking your eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, according to the nationwide Highway Traffic safety and security Administration. At 55 mph, that"s the indistinguishable of driving the length of a football ar — blindfolded.

But texting isn"t the only activity behind the wheel that have the right to interfere v your ability to journey safely. Snacking, adjusting her GPS, disciplining children and also numerous other distractions have the right to put girlfriend at threat for an accident.

Multitasking when driving has deadly consequences: In 2012, 3,328 people were killed and also an approximated 421,000 were hurt in distraction-related crashes.

Driver Distractions

According come the NHTSA, you"re a distracted driver as soon as you:

Take your hands off the wheel. Take your eyes turn off the road. Take her mind turn off driving.

Because text massage combines all of the above, it is just one of the many dangerous species of distracted driving. For example, researches from the Virginia technology Transportation Institute uncovered that drivers of hefty commercial vehicles are 23 times more likely to destructive while texting compared to those driving there is no distraction. According to 2012 data indigenous the CTIA, an global nonprofit membership company that to represent the wireless interactions industry, U.S. Consumer send and also receive an median of 6 billion message messages every work — that"s 69,635 text messages every second.

Chat and also Crash

Talking on the phone call isn"t much better. And also you don"t obtain off the hook for making use of a hands-free device. Virginia Tech found that hands-free tools are overrated since they don"t prevent the most dangerous part of a call: dialing or comment the phone. And also even if you manage to safely navigate those, you"re still in peril as your mind focuses on your discussion, not the road.

According come the national Safety Council, any type of kind of cabinet phone use while driving requires the mind to multitask and also lessens its capacity to pay fist to driving. NSC research study shows drivers who usage cell phones have actually a propensity to "look at" however not "see" approximately 50% the the info in their driving environment.

The NSC estimates more than 1 in 4 car crashes requires cell call use. That the deadly crashes in i m sorry distracted driving was reported, 18% involved cell phones, follow to the NHTSA"s many recent statistics.

Too much Going on Behind the Wheel

While text messages and also phone phone call are huge contributors, motorists can shed their focus in a plethora that ways:

Other technologies. These include CDs, iPods and radios, as well as navigation, climate-control and DVD systems. Food and drinks. While numerous states have actually outlawed text massage or talking on a hand-held phone, it"s quiet legal in plenty of places to drive v a soda in one hand and also a burgess in the other. Children. If you uncover yourself make the efforts to factor with a testy teens or do peace amongst combative siblings, keep everyone safe and also pull over. Pets. Letting her dog ride in the front chair sounds fun — till Sparky knocks your hand off the wheel or provides a paw to hit the brake or action on the gas. Grooming. We"ve all scoffed in ~ people using makeup or cut in the center of traffic, but have you ever before combed your hair or put on lipstick behind the wheel on a rushed day? Smoking. Still an ext ways it"s hazardous to her health: getting to for smokes, fumbling v a lighter, or dropping a lit tobacco on your lap. Rubbernecking. This includes everything from gawking at one more motorist"s mishap to enjoying the scenery.

A ban on Texting

Because texting is for this reason dangerous, 41 states, the ar of Columbia and Guam have outlawed the while driving, while part cities and also states have actually targeted texting by teens or chauffeurs in particular areas, together as school zones.

States also take a variety of ideologies to cabinet phones, with 41 states, the district of Columbia, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands have passed legislations banning message messaging if driving.

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To check out your state"s rules on distracted driving, visit the transportation Department"s distraction.gov website.

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