The Santa Clarita Diet actress placed her foot in she mouth during The so late Late present With James Corden.

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As Kim Kardashian have the right to attest, it"s not easy playing "Spill her Guts or Fill your Guts" ~ above The so late Late present With James Corden. The fact star when drank a sardine smoothie to protect her family"s secrets, because the premise of the video game asks guest to one of two people spill part tea or eat a gnarly dish. On in march 21, that was attracted Barrymore"s turn to play the stomach-turning game.

The Charlie"s Angels actress was put in one unenviable place in which she had to one of two people rank her the very least talented former co-stars or down turkey testicles. Mental you: this was after she had currently sipped ~ above bird saliva.

After informing Barrymore to rank Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant, and Jake Gyllenhaal as most to least talented, the actress placed Gyllenhaal in the "least talented" category. "The next time I see him, I"m going to say, "Dude, it was either marketing you down the river, or eat turkey"s balls,"" Barrymore shared. 

But as it turns out, she did she actor pal one better than that. After The so late Late Show moment went viral, Barrymore made the sweet effor come apologize to Gyllenhaal. As soon as she go the red carpet in ~ the season 2 premiere of she Netflix display Santa Clarita Diet, the actress toted a sign that read: "I Jake Gyllenhaal."

Speaking to reporters around the sweet sign, Barrymore said: "Well i mean, he helped me acquire out of eat a turkey testicle so that was the point. The was very sweet and light-hearted, and really full of how much i feel poor for speak this and how if I watch him following time ns going to explain it ... And then of course the civilization turns completely, i’m sorry, however shallow, and also it’s all headlines around how i think he’s the least talented human ... Ns like, ‘Does anyone understand f—–g context?’ and you understand they’re no going come take the time to check out the small print because we live in a goddamn ADD, two-second society.

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So this is me setup the goddamn document straight. It’s mine premiere and I’m do it around him simply so the knows everything is okay."