Lady Gaga and all the other celebrities descending this weekend come Super bowl LI would be way to glean insider info from constant H-town habitués Bey, Drake, Ciara, Bun B and Justin Bieber, who faveHoustonhaunts encompass these warm spots below.

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Houston-born Beyoncé, Jay Z and also Blue Ivy frequently rent a personal room at downtown’s B&B Butchers & Restaurant to feast top top bellinis, wagyu carpaccio and also crèmebrûlée. Critical September not just did the power pair dine double at B&B during a 24-hour stay yet their personal chef bought life Kobe beef to grill at your AirBNB manse.1814 Washington Ave.,

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Lady Gaga’s stage crew currently has dished top top tacos and chips in ~ Berryhill Baja Grill, lovely by homeboy Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, who introduced pals The rojo Stones to the casual mexico eatery’s pork tamales. The rockers love them so much they ordered another four dozen delivered to lock on the road.2639 Revere St.,731 Memorial City Wayand5110 Buffalo Speedway,

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River Oaks bistro Brasserie 19 has stocked up not simply on the oysters Sharon rock recently raved about, but additionally top-flight Bordeaux wines, truffles and caviar for Super key high-rollers that “like come showboat at their table,” says Charles Clark, co-owner and chef in ~ Clark Cooper ideas restaurants. The roll Royce convertible exterior most days, however, belongs come Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles, who loves to socialize. “Celebs usually speak to 20 minutes prior to they arrive to ask for a back table because that them and also their body guards,” claims Clark, co-owner and chef in ~ Clark Cooper Concepts. 1962 West Gray,

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Plateau de fruit de Mer and also patio weather walk hand in hand. Asserie19 #clarkcooperconcepts #houstoneats #myfab5 #bestfoodhouston #riveroaks #westgray #houstonfoodie

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Celebs are likely to progressive a glass – or 3 – at Anvil Bar & Refuge, a James beard nominee recognized for the house-made infusions, bitters and liqueurs. Bun B, Kam the The Suffers and also many chefs have actually bellied approximately the bar extolled in Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Imbibe, GQ, Esquire and Garden & Gun.1424 Westheimer Road,