Seeing Red You can unlock this pursuit as early on as Haven but it will take a long time to completely complete depending on how conveniently you proceed through the Inquisitor"s path Quest"s. Every you have to do is find 12 primeval red lyrium deposits and also destroy castle in bespeak to finish the mission.   Red Lyrium Deposit Access/Location Chart:  

Storm Coast 41) Unlocked Storm Coast 2) Varric"s Personal quest Lines completed (Any Inquisitor"s course Quests having to execute with Hawke) 3) Started/Completed "Red Water" side Quest 4) completed the battle Room procedure "Red Templars on the Storm Coast" (Power cost 4) 5) when you take trip to the ar unlocked by "Red Templars top top the Storm Coast" you will have access to the area where the 4 Red Lyrium store are. CAUTION: You may need come slay a dragon so walk prepared and all adversaries will be level 18 or higher.

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The Hinterlands 31st Deposit - At ft Conner in central Hinterlands. You will must defeat Templars ​2nd Deposit - start the "Stone Dreams" side quest which is triggered by analysis a note inside and abandoned home just phibìc of the Crossroads. You"ll find a cave, there will be a minor battle with a mage, and also you can explore the cavern to discover the Lyrium deposit. 3rd Deposit - near an Inquisition campsite in the North-Eastern component of the Hinterlands wherein there is a dragon nest. You can attempt to ruin it there is no battling the dragon but it will be very hard to execute as there will be consistent fireballs indigenous the sky as that swoops around. There will also be Dragonlings attacking girlfriend as soon as you go into the area.  
The west Approach 31st Deposit - Sand rock Mine. You will require at the very least one mage in her party therefore they deserve to energize the blocked entrance and also clear debris. 2nd Deposit - forgotten Mine 3rd Deposit - Shimmer rock Mine
The Emerald Graves 31st Deposit - Veridium Mine2nd Deposit - Left next of the Villa Maurel 3rd Deposit - located in the north area of the Emeral graves in Southfinger Watch.
Emprise Du Lion 5Should be quite easy to accessibility across the countryside/caves. Probably easiest ar to gather deposits, simply make sure you"re level 15 or higher.

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GAMER TIP: ​Luckily there space well much more than 12 red lyrium deposits situated throughout the video game so if for some reason you find yourself unable to obtain to some you may have the ability to find more somewhere else. Make certain to lug Varric follow me if you desire to earn more approval v him. Before you finish the quest you will certainly earn slim approval if he is not present and great approval if he is present. After you hit your 12 deposit border for the pursuit you will not gain any added approval through Varric unless he is in her party.