Dads took to Reddit to share their "don"t tell her mother around this" moments they have actually with their kids and also they"re hilarious.

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dad with kids
We"ve all had those moment in parenthood whereby we"ve excellent something and the last point we require is to obtain made fun of for it. We recognize it happens to us, and also we"ve heard stories of the same thing happening come dads.

Well, now we have proof. In the Reddit community AITA, a human asked for comparable stories, wherein something taken place with the kids and the dads request them no to tell your mother around the incident.

The thread whereby fathers the Reddit reveal their "don"t tell her mother around this" moment is hilarious, and also we"ve rounded up several of the best.

just Thing I miss Doing

"When my wife"s in ~ work, i will take mine daughter (4year old) out for breakfast, climate we will go ~ above a tiny adventure around a shop the her an option and pretend every little thing she wants, last time we went to a auto parts shop and also rolled tires roughly as us were freeing the rollings from monster, so far my wife doesn"t believe her when she later on grasses me up. Tbh that the only thing pre-Covid i miss doing"- ReaperWright88

She Can"t store The Secret

"My daughter is two. I occasionally sneak she chocolates and say “don’t call mummy.” She immediately runs to her mother and proudly shows them off every time. Every time." -BrainstormsBriefcase

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Mission Accomplished

"Female coworker the mine was miserable at work one day. I asked she what to be wrong...she called me that was her anniversary, and also she knew she husband had forgotten. She had actually pre-teen girls at home during summer vacation....I knew her house phone number (pre-cell call era). I referred to as her home phone and also one kid picked up. Explained to the child who i was and that she required to call Dad at work and also remind him it to be Mom and Dad"s anniversary....and don"t tell mom OR Dad i called.

The following day she was every smiles, gosh he DID remember, brought home flowers and also took her to dinner. Mission Accomplished. No a indigenous was ever said around this....

until 6 years later, once she left the company. She offered me a hug in ~ a taking leave luncheon, and whispered "my children ratted girlfriend out. Give thanks to you"."- MastadonBob

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A tiny Creativity

"Our young is ten. Ns was his teacher the latter fifty percent of this Covid year while my mam worked and learned very quickly the is terrified on video clip calls. Last day of institution all the children were to do a live thirty seconds on the display to to speak goodbye to their actual teacher in former of every the other kids in your Hangouts window. Ns knew our child would never do it and my wife was insisting he do. Large battles. She promised that a friend can stay the night if he did the call. The boy and also I pre-recorded the audio and had a static photo of him to look like the screen was buffering while i played the audio from mine phone into the laptop. He gained the sleepover." - sorryimtall

around That brand-new Toy...

"I to buy a $1400 amp head and took my oldest (4) to choose it up. Edit: I come in indigenous a recording session yesterday and also my daughter said, "mommy, that"s Daddy"s brand-new toy." ns played it off but mommy is suspicious..."-contrejo

We have actually A little Midnight Fun

"When my 3 year old wakes increase in the center of the night, like maybe 3 times a month, instead of placing her earlier to sleep okey her remain up and also partake in whatever it is i am act no matter what. Occasionally she drops asleep in minutes and also soMe time she stays up because that a pair hours. I think it’s remarkable times , ns think the may even be dream like for she by the way she speaks and also moves. She has painted through me , heard my publications read aloud, watched lord of the rings and also cooked creme brûlée. The dominance is , it’s my time so if she’s gonna be v me she does what ns doing similar to o execute for her every day long. She completely gets it and also never makes it around her."-donteverforanyreason

It"s a refreshing take to parenting the dads have actually special bonds with their youngsters just as much as do. In a method these "don"t tell her mom around this" minute creates memories that children won"t forget. Not just memories but lessons in the making together well.

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