This beautiful and also haunting tune was written by Richard Hageman who was born and also raised in the Netherlands yet who later took top top American citizenship. The was thought about to it is in a son prodigy and was believed equal come a concert pianist at the age of 6. In his early years whilst studying in Amsterdam he began to accompany plenty of of the singers in ~ the Amsterdam royal Opera firm where he eventually was appointed to the place of conductor in 1899 in ~ the period of 18.

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Richard Hageman

After relocating to America he organized positions in ~ the city Opera and also Chicago public Opera and also became the conductor that the Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles symphony orchestras.

John Wayne indigenous The 1939 movie “Stagecoach”

Along with his plenty of Art tune compositions that wrote numerous film scores including the one for “Stagecoach”directed by john Ford, the 1939 movie which Hagemanshared one Academy award for.

Rabindranath Tagore to be The very first Non europe To victory The Nobel compensation For literary works In 1913.

The song’s lyrics were taken indigenous a poem by Rabindranath Tagore a Bengali poet and philosopher that Hageman provided for the inspiration for this piece and also two much more of his songs “May Night” and “At The Well”

Do no go, my love, without asking my leave. I have watched all night, and also now my eye are heavy with sleep; I are afraid lest I shed you as soon as I to be sleeping. carry out not go, mine love, without questioning my leave. I begin up and also stretch my hand to touch you. ns ask myself, “Is the a dream?” could I however entangle her feet v my heart, and hold them rapid to mine breast! do not go, my love, without asking my leave.

Classically structured songs such as this one are considered Art songs and were typically composed because that a single voice and accompanied by piano. They’re used extensively in recitals and for concert repertoire all over the world. These songs were not part of a staged job-related such as an opera however could periodically be composed to it is in performed in a track cycle.

When I chose on the song to record last summer because that my album Canzoni D’Amore, add by George Todica. I wanted to usage a mixture of both art songs and also operatic arias so that I might share with you mine love because that a broad selection of classic music.

Though my heart is collection on the opera phase I will always search out and perform those art songs that accumulate or touch me in part way.

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