I desire to play Dark Souls series. If i play the III before the others. Will certainly I not know the story (if over there is a story, of course) or something else ?


No, it"s not necessary. You space able to complete DS3 and also understand it till some suggest without any background in series.

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But suffer with previous games will help you:

in understanding an easy game mechanics choose bonfires, weapon scaling and movesets, etc.in knowledge the whole story: if each video game have independent plot, there space a the majority of interceptions. In terms of lore games complete each other.

Also, part things in DS3 could be thought about as pure fan-service related to previous games, for this reason without expertise of an initial two you could barely an alert these things at all. But this no way spoils your suffer with the game.

Dark Souls is a an excellent series, ns hope you will enjoy it.

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The quick version is no, you really don"t. The souls titles are all sport on a theme and not a continuous narrative. You will not know the lore / story your very first time v anyway so friend shouldn"t worry around that.

The slightly an extensive answer is that you have the right to skip 2, that a an excellent game I delighted in it but it doesn"t really add much to 3. Whether you need to play 1 isn"t really an easy question to answer. Many people would to speak absolutely yet one point to bare in psychic is that these are polarizing games, and also what renders 1 so brilliant is additionally what provides it so daunting to get in to.

I don"t mean difficult from a combat view either, yet from a world and also level style perspective Dark Souls 1 is brutal and also while the does make the whole civilization feel whole, 3 does virtually as good a job and is means less isolating. Some would disagree yet as i said, its polarizing.

Dark Souls 3 does have actually a the majority of throw backs come 1, and some for 2 yet these aren"t reasons to play, they aren"t walk to punch you away uneven you"ve already invested a lot right into the game and its lore.

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For me 3 is the pinnacle that the series, where it sleek what to be great, make it more accessible however at didn"t skimp top top the challenge. What makes them good is just how they do you feel as a player, not the lore the the story behind that all.