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Episode 5

Kou bring Yui a bouquet of roses as a gesture the friendship. Further past tragedies reveal themselves together the two invest the day together.

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E1 | episode 1

Things it seems ~ to have calmed under at the Sakamaki mansion. The is, till a mysterious new group shows up to abduct Yui...


E2 | illustration 2

Yui wakes increase in a mysterious mansion and is greeted by 4 vampires who present themselves together the Mukami brothers.


E3 | illustration 3

Yui seems to be farming accustomed to the Mukami household, however she may get much more than she bargained for once she"s left alone through Azusa...

E4 | illustration 4

Yui is left alone v Yuma for the day, enabling her a glimpse right into his pains memories.

E5 | illustration 5

Kou bring Yui a ostrich of roses together a gesture the friendship. Further past tragedies expose themselves as the two invest the work together.

E6 | episode 6

The Mukami family members decide to allow Yui to attend institution with them, but tensions increase as the Sakamaki brothers attempt to take she back.

E7 | episode 7

As the instance grows more tense, Shu realizes that there may be a depths connection in between the Sakamaki and also the Mukami brothers...

E8 | illustration 8

Ruki grows an ext and an ext distant native both his brothers and also Yui, and his increasingly erratic actions has dire after-effects for ours heroine...

E9 | illustration 9

Back in the clutches of the Sakamaki brothers, Yui seeks to understand an ext about the Mukami"s arrangement for she blood.

E10 | episode 10

The Sakamakis all have actually their turn with Yui"s blood, however Azusa soon arrives top top the scene to retrieve her.

E11 | episode 11

Yui, now back at the Mukami household, starts to finally begins to uncover the secret behind "Adam" and also "Eve."

E12 | episode 12

When the very same wolves that struck the Mukami brothers launch another attack on the Sakamaki brothers, Ayato and also Ruki involved a reluctant agreement to protect Yui.

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