Latest pricing, specs and also Dell 6FC0D Latitude 3580 gaming laptop review. How plenty of PC gamings will the run? Is that a an excellent choice for a pc gamer? need to you to buy this laptop?

This Dell laptop features a Intel HD 520 graphic card, an Intel core i3-6006U CPU and also 4 GB of RAM.

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You acquire a 15.6 inch screen laptop, which for a gaming setup is midsize. The pc weight is 0.43 lb (0.2 kg).

Unfortunately, this laptop won"t run games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Minecraft, PUBG and also GTA V.

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Dell 6FC0D Latitude Rating: 11%

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This Dell gaming laptop doesn"t satisfy the recommended system requirements for Fortnite but it have the right to play the video game with lower settings.

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This Dell gaming laptop doesn"t fulfill the recommended system requirements for Apex Legends however it deserve to play the game with lower settings.


Dell 6FC0D Latitude 3580 Features

Intel main point i3-6006U double Core Processor (2.00 GHz, 3M smart Cache) 15.6" HD display screen (1366x768) Anti Glare LCD 4GB (1x4GB) 2133 MHz DDR4 Memory windows 10 pro Max Memory: 32 GB Max Memory: 32 GB

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