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David W. McCreight, Eastern region Vice president of the household Goods Forwarders association of America, Inc., was born in Ruby, south Carolina, ~ above November 10, 1936. Anyone familiar with his hometown will certainly understand how he became associated in the transport business, because that Ruby is a trucking center in the southeastern component of the united States. He attended Ruby publicly Schools prior to attending the university of phibìc Carolina, in Chapel Hill, N. C.

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Dave began his trucking employment through E. L. Lengthy Motor Lines, Inc., in November, 1957, as Assistant Terminal Manager, Florence, south Carolina. After ~ this firm was purchased by Overnite transportation Co., efficient January 1958, he ongoing as Office Manager in ~ Florence, and was later promoted to Sales Representative.

In might 1960, Dave McCreight was moved to the home Office of Overnite in Richmond, Virginia. Right here he worked an initial in the web traffic Department and also was later assigned come sales duties in ~ the Richmond Terminal operation.

In January 1963, he was moved to the Greensboro, N.C. Area to take care of sales duties because that Overnite in Greensboro and Burlington, N.C. In march 1964, Dave checked out Norfolk, Va., with Overnite transportation Co., to manage Import· Export and Military Sales.

In march 1965, Mr. McCreight resigned indigenous his position with Overnite lo take a place with universal Van Lines, Inc., a member of the family members Goods Forwarders Association, in Norfolk, Va., as general Manager, SalesTraffic-Overseas, which was later adjusted to general Manager, overseas Division. In January 1968, Dave was supported to angry President, abroad Division. Throughout Dave McCreight"s transport employment, he has been a member of the Richmond, Va., web traffic Club; Capitol City web traffic Club, in Richmond; to be a member and also served ~ above the board of Governors the the Greensboro, N.C. Website traffic Club and also the Burlington, N.C. Traffic Club, plus having actually served the latter as its 2nd Vice President. He was a member that the Norfolk-Portsmouth traffic Club, and also served together a member that its plank of Governors. He additionally served top top the Committee for Inland transport of the Hampton Roads naval Association.

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In addition to his evil Presidency of global Van Lines" abroad Division, he to be President of D.R.B. Transport Co., Inc., a Norfolk, Va. Based truck and equipment leasing firm. Dave was married come the former Suzanne Caravati, a native of Richmond, Virginia, in 1961.