I have actually lots of "rubbish" from adversary drops, as my current equipment is much better than something I"ve discovered so much (only a few hours in).

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Is there any kind of reason to keep hold of this items, indigenous Dark Souls ns you couldn"t offer items, can you now?



Actually, if you developed far sufficient in the game, you might sell items in Dark Souls I and also you can do so in Dark Souls II. Eventually, you"ll make your way over to No Man"s Wharf, wherein you"ll find an NPC named Gavlan behind a door ~ above the 2nd floor that a home (location may differ for SotFS). You can sell items to Gavlan in return because that souls.

There is likewise no have to throw item away due to the fact that your carry weight only applies to weapons and armor that you have actually equipped, not everything in her inventory.


Keep in mind some items that may seem favor junk are actually beneficial in some method or another. You may regret offering them, or no live long sufficient to.

You likewise have the items box, which girlfriend can access from any type of bonfire indigenous the start of the game. Rather of marketing your extra items, think about simply save them because that later.


You can use "junk" tools to craft special boss weapons using the spirit items derived for defeating them. Ceo weapons need an upgraded weapon the a specific kind -- greatsword, ultra greatsword, whip, etc -- as well as the boss"s soul affiliated in the recipe. Keeping a weapon that each kind is a pretty an excellent idea if you don"t know any kind of of the ceo weapons" attributes, in case you find that you want to do a specific one. You"ll have the ability to craft these unique weapons when you speak to details NPCs.

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EDIT: Nevermind, in DkS2 girlfriend only require the boss soul to make the item in question. I was reasoning of DkS1.


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