Let"s be honest. Also the best of us have a reality show we love, or at least love to hate. MTV"s are You The One? drops squarely in both camps for many people and after investigating the collection and the contestants because that the existing Season 2, I completely understand why it"s therefore entertaining. Exactly how on earth can friend not desire to watch people shot and number out their perfect matches by making on each other, leading to a boatload of drama and playing insane games that really have nothing to do with compatibility but are really only developed to check out men and also women in their underwear? With room You The One? firmly into Season 2, we"ve still however to learn around some that its most amazing real-life men and also women, consisting of aspiring athlete, Dominican American, and also twin Dario Medrano, who is currently still in search of his perfect match on the collection and has actually even gotten in a tiny love triangle with Shelby and Nathan. However what perform we know around Dario Medrano therefore far?

Aside from his MTV file which claims that the contestant is one aspiring experienced baseball player and is hoping to gain out the the shadow of his pair brother, room You The One? yes, really hasn"t told us much about Medrano various other than the expose that he has actually cheated ~ above a past girlfriend. The truth that he to be willing to disclose this information on live TV come the girl contestants" family members no less, is actually quite a brave thing to execute so at this point, ns gotta say that the man actually doesn"t shed too numerous brownie points for his immoral affair. But what rather is there to know around Medrano?

1. He says He"s Genuinely top top The present For Love

According come an interview v Latina.com, Medrano revealed that he"s auditioned for are You The One with one goal: finding love. But I"m guessing he"ll tho take some money if it"s just going to it is in thrown at him. "I was always looking in all the not correct places… So, i figured I"d provide it a shot v the show. Why not go with a scientific means of falling in love? I saw a little of the an initial season, and also I experienced that it worked. What better way to execute it 보다 on national TV?" Medrano said.

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2. His mother Is supportive Of His TV Dreams

Despite auditioning v the singular score of finding love, Medrano additionally said in the very same interview the he"s constantly wanted to be on TV and surprisingly enough, his mommy was totally of his ambition to end up being a fact TV star.

3. His twin Brother additionally Auditioned for The Show


"Twin Brother also auditioned for the show: Well, my twin brother was claimed to acquire on the show, ironically. They to be going to actors both the us. I believed it would"ve to be a cool twist, for sure," Medrano claimed in his interview with Latina. In the end, the present went with simply Dario and also not his brothers (despite Medrano"s statements being accurate, the would have actually been a cool twist). But apparently his brother"s not as well terribly depression by the rejection follow to Medrano. "I mean, that looks exactly like me, for this reason it"s not choose he"s no reaping benefits, friend know." how sweet.

4. He has actually Some Criteria because that His Dream Woman

When inquiry by Boston magazine what his greatest deal breaker in dating would be Medrano claimed being boring was a large turn-off, surprise surprise. "If she uninteresting and also if you can’t host a convo, view ya later. If friend have poor breath, you have the right to be beautiful and also it a turn-off. Hygiene too," Medrano said. He likewise prefers confident ladies with big derrieres and also his dream woman is Kim Kardashian, yet from the year 2004 apparently.

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So who is Medrano"s match on the show? at the minute it could literally be any of the girl so all we deserve to do is watch and also enjoy the drama the comes with 21 strangers hoping to discover true love and also lots of money.