Controlling and seizing are is a huge deal in Crusader queens 3, and also there are countless ways to stake your case on a desirable slice of genuine estate, such as De Jure claims. Insurance claims are probably both the simplest andmost confusing facet for new players come wrap your heads around, yet with this overview the concept will go from somewhat opaque to clear as mud. Wait . . . .

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Crusader emperors 3 Claims and also De Jure cases are land title you have a appropriate to.

In Crusader kings 3 you need to have actually a valid case towards a offered piece of land before you have the right to take it for yourself. Cases can come from relations (Implicit insurance claims are insurance claims that eligible kids possess as result of their parents’ owning the appropriate titles), via your realm chaplain and also their “Fabricate case on County” ability, and also most critically De Jure.

So, what exactly is De Jure? Land and titles in Crusader emperors 3 follow a hierarchy, and from the smallest to largest these room Baronies, Counties, Duchies, Kingdoms, and finally Empires. What does that median for you and also titles? Well, think of it this way: a choose amount that counties comprise a duchy, and if you own the title for the duchy you have actually a De Jure claim on any type of counties in ~ it you carry out not personally own. I.E. If you own the duchy title, but only two of the three county titles, you have a De Jure case on the third and deserve to legally walk to battle for it. You can see what falls under what via the Duchy, Kingdom, and also Empire map toggles in the bottom ideal of the HUD, close to the date and also game speed.

Additionally, over there is a thing dubbed De Jure Drift. Wait, what!? Don’t worry, it’s no as complex as it sounds. To speak I own a duchy that falls under the Kingdom of Scotland. I won’t be regarded as the rightful liege by my vassals there, however over time that duchy will transform into a Kingdom that Ireland duchy, removed England’s De Jure case on it. This deserve to take a hundreds years, so it’s gonna take it some work-related to keep it under her banner (though your Chancellor has an capability that’ll speed this procedure up), yet once it end up being De Jure a component of her kingdom, England loser their ability to claim it and also go to war v you over it. Drift only applies to duchies and kingdoms, so girlfriend won’t check out counties or baronies impacted by this.


About war: cases of any type of sort provide you a casus belli (cause for war) over the associated title in Crusader monarchs 3. If you have a courtier v a grasp of claims you deserve to legally walk to war on your behalf, and also can in effect add that floor to her ruler’s domain after ~ you take it and they come to be your vassal (vassals are lower tier rulers who help you control your realm, and also if you’re your liege their land counts in the direction of your domain without you having actually to very own the title). Points can gain a tiny sticky when sequence and inheritance kicks in, but the basics of insurance claims are bone simple: if you or who in her court has a insurance claim you have the right to wage war over the land, through the sole exception being baronies (they swing v their county).

One last note on claims: there room Unpressed and Pressed claims. One Unpressed case is legitimate tenuous, and does no pass on come eligible kids upon death. Fabricated cases are always Unpressed, and a Pressed claim becomes one Unpressed insurance claim once the is happen down. An Unpressed insurance claim can end up being a Pressed insurance claim if you walk to war over it and at least finish the war through a White tranquility (think deadlock truce).

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As because that Pressed claims: they’re legit stronger, for this reason they have the right to be inherited by default children. These are great for obtaining titles later down the line, together as when you move over to your heir upon her ruler’s death, but remember other personalities take benefit of this system in Crusader majesties 3 also (so, some murder might be in bespeak if you want to minimization the competition). Then again, girlfriend can likewise arrange marriages and recruit claimants right into your court to clearly grab cases for yourself, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of another character’s heat of succession.