The 10 Worst episodes Of vessel The Cowardly Dog (According come IMDb) ship the Cowardly Dog has come to be one of the most famous shows ever before aired on Cartoon Network however some episodes room ranked higher than others...

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first airing in 1999 top top Cartoon Network, man R. Dilworth’s Courage the Cowardly Dog has because become among the most popular animated shows the network has ever before produced, controlling to win a chord v old and young audience alike. Taking care of kid-friendly horror in a comparable fashion to the famous Goosebumps and Are You fear of the Dark? series’, each episode of the display forces that is titular dog, Courage, to face his crippling fear and go up versus a new supernatural threat.

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While the bulk of Courage the Cowardly Dog’s run was very well-received however, there are just a couple of episodes that fail to reach the high watermark collection by the present in its prime. These space the 10 worst illustration of Courage the Cowardly Dog, ranked follow to IMDb.

While many episodes the Courage the Cowardly Dog host an 8 or above on IMDb, “Courage Meets the Mummy” simply misses the mark, telling the story that a vengeful Mayan baker who summoned by historian Professor Frith.

It’s “Invisible Muriel” that stands that the weaker that the episode’s two stories, however. The episode adheres to Muriel as she’s unwittingly turned invisible by a mystical gemstone, only for a shady government company to abduct her – forcing Courage and Eustace to intervene.

special Le Quack, an avaricious duck who serves as among the show’s main antagonists, “Nowhere TV” look at the villain hypnotize Muriel and Eustace v their television, v the ultimate score of stealing the town’s lottery money.

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“Mega Muriel the Magnificent” is no an ext exciting than its predecessor. In the episode, Courage’s computer system achieves sentience after being struck by lightning, and possesses Muriel, performing increasingly dangerous stunts in an effort to prove his unwavering bravery.

In an episode that completely ignores Courage the Cowardly Dog’s trademark creepy atmosphere, “Aqua-Farmer” trades in the show’s ordinarily creepy antagonist for a dolphin, who challenges Eustace come a swimming race – with Muriel being the prize.

Meanwhile, “Food of the Dragon” look at the Bagges terrorized by a flightless dragon, who threatens to eat the family if they fail come teach him to fly. Fortunately, the dragon later discovers that he originates from the water, i m sorry is why he no able come fly, subsequently releasing Eustace – that he’d previously eaten – native his stomach.

7 “Rumpledkiltskin/House Calls” – 7.8

Echoing the similarly titled fairy tale, “Rumpledkiltskin” sees Muriel kidnapped by a man claiming to be she Uncle Angus, who as it transforms out is actually the episode’s titular villain. Through the character gift voiced through none other than Alan Cumming, Rumpledkiltskin pressures Muriel to make 5000 kilts, under risk of being cooked into a pie.

As if that wasn’t strange enough, the antagonist that “House Calls” is the sentient house of Dr. Gerhart, who plans to ruin the Bagges’ farmhouse out of jealousy after Gerhart expresses attention in the property.

once Muriel loses her locket in a swamp just exterior of Nowhere, it’s found by the area’s residents swamp-dweller, who proceeds to rampage across the town looking for Muriel, that he think is his bride.

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“Goat Pain”, top top the other hand, watch the Bagge family members come up versus an angry mountain goat top top their means to visit a hot spring – and are tasked with cleaning increase the human being waste left behind in the area. Neither illustration is something special, make for among the show’s many thoroughly underwhelming episodes.

5 “Courage the Fly/Katz Kandy” – 7.8

together you can expect, “Courage the Fly” attributes recurring character Di Lung as he successfully turns the show’s titular dog into a fly. For an episode through such a comparable premise to standard horror movie The Fly, however, the story fails to provide any fun homage or wacky, grotesque antics – instead having Courage usage his newfound stature to change the trajectory the a crashing satellite.

“Katz Kandy” is likewise disappointing, charting the knavish Katz’s efforts to steal Muriel’s recipe for the upcoming nowhere Sweet ingredient Contest.

In one of the show’s many forgettable episodes, “Feast that the Bullfrogs” look at the Bagge’s farmhouse overrun v vicious bullfrogs, who urge that the family imitate their habits or confront being consumed alive. When the episode has the potential to it is in fun, the principle loses its luster rather quickly, making it feel among the show’s an ext uneventful episodes.

“Tulip’s Worm” is slightly more interesting, together Courage do the efforts to aid two space-dwelling teddy bear return a small worm come space.

3 “Muriel Blows Up/Profiles in Courage” – 7.7

when Courage the Cowardly Dog has actually concocted a most silly premises over its four-season run, “Muriel Blows Up” easily stands as among its many absurd. The episode focuses on Muriel, who starts to prosper uncontrollably ~ ingesting a mysterious carrot farming in her yard.

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Meanwhile, in “Profiles the Courage”, 2 silhouetted portraits that Eustace and Muriel are brought to life, both the whom continue to plot the replacement of their person counterparts.

developed as a pilot for Courage the Cowardly Dog, “The Chicken from outer Space” introduce the show’s primary characters, and also pits the family against an evil, extra-terrestrial chicken, that plans on taking over the planet.

While the episode is just one of Courage the Cowardly Dog’s lowest-rated illustration on IMDb, “The Chicken from outer Space” was in reality nominated because that an Academy Award together a standalone short computer animation – yet ultimately lost out to the Wallace and also Gromit brief A close Shave.

1 “The Fog that Courage” – 7.5

many thanks to the enduring popular of Courage the Cowardly Dog, a one-off computer-animated special was made ago in 2014, which its creators shopped about as a potential rebirth for the series. The episode, title “The Fog that Courage”, said the story of a vengeful fog-spirit, who haunts the Bagge farmhouse after ~ his amulet is take away by Eustace.

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Sadly, the show’s computer animation lacked the charm and also frenetic power of that is predecessor, and a rebirth of Courage the Cowardly Dog never ever saw the irradiate of day.