How to make Clovers Cheerleader’s (Gabrielle Union) Costume

Clover cheerleader attract a green, yellow, and also red color pattern. They wear a green chop top with the word “Clovers” printed on it, a quick green through red and yellow stripes, white socks, and also white sports shoes. Do you want to recreate this look? Checkout our item list down below!

1Green crop TopLook because that a dark green crop top.

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2Green Mini Pleated SkirtMatching the optimal with a eco-friendly mini pleated skirt.
3White SocksA common pair of plain white socks.
4White sport ShoesPut on plain white sport shoes.
5Sticker papers for PrintersPrint the end the Clovers logo and also stick in ~ above the chop top. Likewise print out the yellow, red, and also black color stripes, climate decorate the outfit favor as you check out in the picture.
6Long black color WigGet a lengthy black wig to imitate the Clovers’ captain character.
7Full CostumeTo save time, bring this complete costume!

How to do RCH Cheerleader Costume

RCH cheerleaders undertake a red, black, and also white color scheme. Castle wear a red and black crop top with the word “RCH” on it, a red pleated skirt, white socks, and also white sports shoes. To create this look, checkout ours item list under here.

1RCH crop Top and also Pleated SkirtGet a set of RCH cheerleader uniform to wear due to the fact that its pattern is more complicated than Clover’s.
2Red turtle Neck height with lengthy SleevesThis is optional. If you can recall, the RCH team uniform contained a red turtle neck height with long sleeves at some point. Therefore if you like that, gain this item come wear under neath the chop top.
3White SocksWear a pair of level white socks.
4White sports ShoesPut on white sports shoes to match the outfit.
5Blond WigRecreate Kristen Dunst’ personality hair with a medium-length blonde wig.
6Red Pom PomCarry a pair the red pom poms as props.

About Clovers Cheerleader

2000s were the decade of many standard films, including those that chick-flick’s genre. When a movie like mean Girls come out ~ above top, a cheerleader-centric movie lug It ~ above - starring Kristen Dunst and also Gabrielle Union, is additionally undoubtedly iconic in its very own right.

Who can have forget the beef between the red and green cheerleaders from various schools that finished up bonding v one another. The starts once the red team captain, Dunst, learns the her vault captain has actually been stealing dancing regimen from your competitor, Clovers. Then the Clover captain additionally knows that little secret right prior to the big tournament. And also the game begins.


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