The an initial two weeks after conception are dubbed theA. Embryonic periodB. Placental periodC. Fetal periodD. Germinal period

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Implantations occurs during theA. Embryonic periodB. Germinal periodC. Uterine periodD. Fetal period

By the eighth week after conception, the embryo has nearly all the straightforward organs except the A. SkeletonB. Elbows and also knee"s C. Sex organsD. Fingers and toes

The most critical factor in attaining the period of viability is advancement of the A. Placenta B. EyesC. BrainD. Skeleton

Neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, have linked to a deficiency the _______ in one expectant mother diet.A. Vitamin AB. Zinc C. GuanineD. Folic acid

An embryo begins to develop male sex guts if _______, and also female sex guts if _______A. Genes on the Y chromosome send a biochemical signal; no signal is sent out from the X chromosome.B. Gene on the Y chromosome send a biochemical signal; gene on the X chromosome send a signalC. Gene on the X chromosome send a biochemical signal; no signal is sent out from an X chromosomeD. Genes on the X chromosome send a biochemical signal; gene on the Y chromosome send a signal

A teratogenA. Cannot cross the placenta during the duration of the embryoB. Is normally inherited from the motherC. Deserve to be counteracted by great nutrition most of the timeD. Might be a virus, drug, chemical, radiation, or environmental pollutants

Among the characteristics of babies born v fetal alcohol syndrome areA. Slowed physics growth and behavior problemsB. Seeks to alcohol and methadoneC. Deformed arms and also legsD. Blindness

The birth procedure beginsA. Once the fetus moves into the ideal positionB. As soon as the uterus begins to contract at a continuous intervals to press the fetus outC. About eight hrs ( in the situation of firstborns) after ~ the uterus starts to contract at constant intervalsD. Once the baby head shows up at the opened of the vagina

The apgar scale is administeredA. Only if the newborn is in noticeable distressB. Once , simply after birthC. Normally twice, 1 minute and 5 minutes after birthD. Every two minutes for numerous hours

low birthweight babies born close to the early date however weighing substantially less than castle shouldA. Room classified together pretermB. Room called tiny for gestational ageC. Usually have no sex organsD. Have actually undeveloped hands and feet

Approximately 1 out of every 4 low birth load births in the United claims is reason by maternal use of A. AlcoholB. TobaccoC. Crack cocaineD. Family members chemicals

The idea the parent- infant bond in humans developed fromA. Monitorings in the delivery roomB. Data on embraced infantsC. Animal studiesD. Researches of disturbed mother- child pairs

characterized by abnormal facial characteristics, slowed growth, habits problems and mental retardation

kangaroo careA. Poses a suffocation hazardB. Needs an infant seatC. Helps an child to thriveD. Lowers an infants body temperature

which of the adhering to reflects, in order, the correct sequence of prenatal stages of development?A. Embryo; germinal; fetalB. Germinal; fetal; embryoC. Germinal; embryo; fetalD. Ovum; fetal; embryo

Tetracycline, retinoid acid, and also most hormonesA. Deserve to be harmful to the person fetus B. Have actually been proven for sure for pregnant ladies after the embryonic periodC. Will protect against spontaneous abortionsD. Are safe as soon as used prior to the fetal period

one the the an initial teratogens to be recognized, possibly leading to deafness, blindness and mind damage if the fetus is exposed early throughout the pregnancy, is A. Rubella (german measles)B. AnoxiaC. Obtained immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)D. Neural pipe defect

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the apgar scale and also the brazelton neonatal behavior assessment scale are comparable in the theyA. Space tests carry out on a fetusB. Have actually a ten suggest scaleC. Determine the require for a cesarean sectionD. Assess a newborns functioning