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Chris Heisser
08 Sep, 1962
59 years
Taurus, Capricorn
5 feet 8 customs (1.73m)
Heather Locklear$50 k
hazelDark BlondeCaliforniaAmericanView more / View much less Facts of kris Heisser

Chris Heisser is one American businessman and also Entrepreneur. Chris Heisser is famed as the boyfriend of American actress heath Locklear. Similarly, he own several little businesses in the food industry.

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Chris Heisser was born in the year 1962 on 8 hours September. He was born in thousands Oaks, California, USA. Likewise, the American business man is 58 years old together of now. That belongs to American nationality and was born under the star sign Virgo.

Moving on to his family, he has not revealed his parent’s names. Similarly, there is no information regarding his brothers on the internet. Thus, the names and also identities of his family members are still a mystery. He prospered up in California, USA.


Chris Heisser attend Newbury park high school situated in his hometown. He has actually graduated native high school. However, that is unclear if he went on come attend university to pursue higher education.

Career and Professional Life

Chris now is a effective businessman and also Entrepreneur. Likewise, Chris began his gyeongju career together a motocross driver. In the year 1982 and also 1983, he had actually won the 125cc nationwide AMA Grand national Championship. However, complying with some problems, he was required to end his racing career. Similarly, he used to be a motocross driver.

Furthermore, the then established his very own construction and also real legacy firm. That is in a place of a salesperson/contractor.

Heather Locklear’s career

Heather is an American actress. In the year 1993, she started playing among her best-known roles, Amanda Woodward ~ above Aaron Spelling’s drama collection Melrose Place. It to be a spin-off the Beverly Hills. Aron had originally signed the actress because that a limited four-episode run, the first of i beg your pardon aired on January 27, 1993. Likewise, Locklear later ended up being a full-time cast member until its cancellation in 1999. Likewise, focusing on her career, Locklear has appeared in eight tv productions make by Aaron Spelling.

In the year 2009, she join the actors of The CW’s updated variation of Melrose Place. ~ above the month that November 17, 2009, she reprised her role as Amanda Woodward and appeared in eight episodes. Moreover, Amanda Woodward is now a companion in a public connections firm and is both mentor and also tormentor come a young underling, Ella. The personality of Ella is play by Katie Cassidy. In the year 2011, she starred in the television movie the Loves Me top top the life time Channel.


Caption: The poster of she show(source: Instagram)

In the year 2012, Locklear appeared in a recurring function on the Tv land comedy collection Hot in Cleaveland. Furthermore, In the year 2013, she became a consistent on the comedy-dramaFranklin and also Bash. Similarly, In the year 2014, she acquired featured in a public company announcement title “We Are, buy it Jones”.

Awards and Net worth

Chris Heisser has actually not received any awards to date. He definitely has deserve a fair transaction of wealth with his organization ventures. Likewise, the enjoys a net worth of $50k.

Relationship status

Chris Heisser is in a connection with American actress Heather Locklear. The pair were when High institution sweetheart. However, they started dating again in the year 2019. The couple certainly has seen ups and downs in your relationship. Regardless of all the drama, the couple is tho together and is do the efforts to do it work.


Caption: Chris through his girlfriend(source: Instagram)

Chris Heisser has been arrested for driving under the Influence. Similarly, that had additionally accused his girlfriend of violence and also assault back in the year 2019.

Body measurements

Chris Heisser is a male in his late 50s. He has a medium-built body. Similarly, that stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 61 kg. Chris has actually dark blonde hair with a pair that beautiful hazel-colored eyes.

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Chris Heisser is not active on any kind of social media platforms. He enjoys a quiet and also internet-free life.