I simply heard… us did it! say thanks to you so lot for voting to crown this old newbie! #SocialMediaQueen #TeenChoice pic.twitter.com/gTxvZb9Oad

— Caitlyn zener (
Caitlyn_Jenner) august 18, 2015

Bow under to the queen! less than 3 months ~ she join Twitter, Caitlyn Jenner has been crowned society media aristocracy by none various other than the teenagers of America.

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The I to be Cait star, 65, beat out other, an ext experienced tweeters and also Instagrammers — including Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift — to success “Social Media Queen” in ~ the 2015 Teen choice Awards on Sunday, Aug. 16.

To celebrate her victory, Jenner mutual a special picture with her 2.84 million followers on Twitter. The teen-friendly shot confirmed her in a white top, v a Photoshopped pink crown collection askew on her brunette curls, and a vivid cartoon surfboard in her grip. Against the neon ombre background, she’d written, “#thankyou,” v a photo of a heart.

“I just heard…We walk it!” she captioned the photo. “Thank girlfriend so much for voting come crown this old newbie! #SocialMediaQueen #TeenChoice”

Jenner is undoubtedly a newbie come the social media step — specifically in compare to her competition. Music superstars Perry, Cyrus, Minaj, Gomez, and also Swift space old advantages at Twitter and Instagram, conversely, the previous Olympian joined in June, after she “Call Me Caitlyn” Vanity Fair covering debuted.


Caitlyn jenner winks native the audience of the 2015 ESPY Awards Kevin Mazur/WireImage

She didn’t also share her first selfie until earlier this month, once she heard she’d to be nominated for the Teen choice Award. “No #SocialMediaQueen deserve to be crowned without posting a selfie, so this is my first!” she captioned the pic.

No #SocialMediaQueen deserve to be crowned there is no posting a selfie, so this is my first! #TeenChoice http://t.co/5zMV3J2bVr pic.twitter.com/UWVLMoRvaI

— Caitlyn jenner (

Her kids and stepkids, top top the other hand, can fill literal publications with their selfies. In fact, stepdaughter Kim Kardashian did simply that, compiling numerous her pics in the coffee table tome Selfish.

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