Nick Cannon calls Rozonda "Chilli" cutting board "hot" and also "amazing" – yet stops brief of confirming their connection status

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Nick Cannon has high prayer for Rozonda “Chilli” cutting board – however are castle dating? The America’s gained Talent hold is especially coy.

“I have not heard those rumors,” he claimed at the premiere that the documentary Gleason, while additionally calling the 45-year-old TLC singer “hot” and also “amazing.”

“I would be so lucky to have the ability to be called ‘dating’ her. This is all new to me. I’m not prepared for titles and all that stuff,” he said, then added with a laugh, “I’m damaged goods! who would desire to date me? clearly I don’t acquire it.”

Earlier this week, E! News reported the the two have been “hanging out,” with a resource saying, “ been friends for part time and just newly this summer they have actually been hanging out romantically.”

Although Cannon go not reveal whether he and Chilli room dating, the dad of two through ex Mariah Carey claimed his as whole strategy is come take things slow.

“You’ve acquired to take whatever slow. That’s what it’s every about,” he tells “More 보다 anything, she’s someone I care for and also enjoy safety time with.”

Cannon and Carey filed for divorce critical January after 6 years that marriage. They have two children, daughter Monroe and also son Moroccan, both 5, and also Carey is now engaged to Australian businessman James Packer.

“I can’t check out myself ever before getting married again. I can’t see myself gift in a serious relationship,” the says. “I’m not an excellent at it. I only like doing ingredient I’m an excellent at. And clearly relationships is not one of them.”

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