Good news - we’ve to update Certified stayinfiji.comrmation expert (CIP) exam! because that the last six months, a team of an extremely experienced subject matter professionals has been revising the CIP exam, program, and also training. Through any readjust comes questions, therefore I thought I would certainly take some time to answer several of the ones I’m certain you’re asking.

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Why walk you upgrade the CIP?

Every certification demands to be reviewed and updated every few years together technologies, processes, and best methods are introduced, changed, or retired, and CIP is no exception. We want to make sure that CIP continues to remain relevant and beneficial to the individuals that organize it and to your colleagues and also organizations that benefit from their knowledge and also expertise.

How did you go around updating the CIP?

The overall technique to this upgrade was come reemphasize the prestige of company issues and also business outcomes. We wanted to for sure that us treat each topic in the all at once context the the business, rather than doing a deep dive into a particular procedure or technology. This way that if the coverage the the CIP topics may be similar in a provided domain, the exam concerns from the domain will emphasis on those business issues and also outcomes.

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Who is the target audience for the update CIP?

In addition to being more focused on business issues and outcomes, the topics room covered a bit much more strategically; for this and other reasons we additionally believe that the target audience for the updated CIP is a bit an ext experienced, v 5+ years of endure in at the very least one domain and some exposure to some or every one of the various other domains.

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What changes can I intend from the test coverage?

When we started planning the update, we did so through the prism of our Intelligent stayinfiji.comrmation Management story. Us believe and also have to be sharing for a when now, that establishments today need an ext than ECM, or Gartner"s replacement, contents Services.These are essential considerations, however insufficient, due to the fact that they produce the impression that these are an innovation issues. The Intelligent stayinfiji.comrmation Management story has actually a an innovation chapter, however it"s not the most important chapter. Rather, an innovation supports the various other things that organizations need to perform to satisfy today"s details management challenges:

Modernizing the stayinfiji.comrmation toolkitDigitalizing core business processesAutomating compliance & governanceLeveraging analytics & maker learning

We additionally wanted to keep implementation to plan on the to update exam. So v a little tweaking from our subject matter experts, here"s what the last updated exam blueprint looks like:

What"s the best way to prepare for the CIP? has actually a number of resources obtainable to assist professionals at every levels prepare to come to be a Certified Professional:

What if I’m currently a CIP?

We are again affirming our commitment come the CIP together the premier management certification and one that all stayinfiji.comrmation professionals should aspire come attain. If you have actually attained it, you should continue to be proud of the accomplishment.We hope that you"ll proceed to re-publishing the worth of the CIP, and"s commitment to it, v your colleagues, customers, suppliers, and also fellow stayinfiji.comrmation professionals. We love you for it!