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Four information-packed books in one an extensive package to aid networking freshman prepare for Cisco"s CCENT certification!

If you"re preparing for her Cisco certification, your road starts through the Cisco CCENT test 640-822 ICND1, Cisco"s entry-level test for brand-new IT professionals. This practical overview covers every little thing you require to understand to get up to speed on routers, switches, and more. CCENT Certification All-in-One for Dummies is really four books-in-one: Networking Basics, Cisco device Basics, Routing and Switching, and advanced Topics. With over 600 pages the content and dozens of review questions, this referral will help you ace her exam and also serve together a valuable source throughout your career.

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Prepares entry-level the professionals and students because that Cisco"s Interconnecting Cisco Networking gadgets Exam 640-822, the independent test because that CCENT certification and also the an initial of 2 exams for CCNA certification to fill with over 600 pages of content and also dozens of review questions has four minibooks covering Networking Basics, Cisco an equipment Basics, Routing and also Switching, and progressed Topics Features bonus files with check engine come simulate yes, really CCENT Certification Exam and also demonstration videos to present you exactly how to perform critical tasks you"ll require to grasp for your test

Jumpstart her networking career by earning your CCENT certification with aid from because that Dummies! NOTE: early editions that this publication were offered with a companion disk bound within the book. To download the companion records that space referenced in the text, walk to booksupport.stayinfiji.com and enter the book"s ISBN.

Glen E. Clarke is an independent trainer and also consultant that delivers process on assorted certifications, consisting of CCENT, A+, Windows, SQL Server, and also others. The is coauthor that both editions of the bestselling CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One for Dummies.


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Table the contents


Book I: Networking Basics.

Chapter 1: about the CCENT Exam.

Chapter 2: advent to Network Technologies.

Chapter 3: Network Devices and Services.

Chapter 4: development to TCP/IP.

Chapter 5: Subnetting and also VLSM.

Book II: Cisco maker Basics.

Chapter 1: advent to the Cisco IOS.

Chapter 2: simple Router Confi guration.

Chapter 3: controlling Cisco Devices.

Chapter 4: advanced Router Topics.

Book III: Routing and also Switching.

Chapter 1: static Routing.

Chapter 2: Dynamic Routing Protocols.

Chapter 3: advent to Switching.

Chapter 4: an easy Switch Confi guration.

Chapter 5: Troubleshooting Network Communication.

Book IV: advanced Topics.

Chapter 1: Network protection Terminology.

Chapter 2: Cisco an equipment Security best Practices.

Chapter 3: Wireless Networking.

Chapter 4: introduction to WANs.

Appendix A: about the CD.

Appendix B: CCENT Certification Exam reference Matrix.


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http://booksupport.stayinfiji.com If you have actually purchased this ebook and also are in search of the CD content, you may uncover the contents at this ebook assistance site.