Travis kisses Maya after choosing her together the winner in the recording Kelce season finale

Travis Kelce choose Maya Benberry to it is in his girl friend in the season finale of catching Kelce.

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The decision came under to the wire for the girl in the two-hour special, which started with four girls tho in it: Avery Schlereth, Lauren Schwab, Maya Benberry and Veronica Harwood.

First to be removed was Lauren, who only last week he described as being the girl he thought of together “wife material”.

Next up to be Avery, daughter of former Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins Guard mark Schlereth. The pair had actually their moments during the season however ultimately Travis assumed there was a absence of chemistry.

The other girls had additionally questioned she motives because that being top top the display (she’s previously appeared on fact television), and also Maya had actually predicted that wouldn’t choose Avery because she wasn’t emotional enough.

After taking the girl to Kansas come see just how they’d cope exterior of LA (all the catching Kelce contestants actually stayed in LA, in spite of representing every the various states), the then concerned a head-to-head between Veronica and Maya.

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Veronica had actually seemingly got intimate v Travis last week, return it was never fully clear what specifically had happened.

And at first it every seemed choose it to be going she way, when Travis began to talk around how Maya’s confidence periodically came across as “arrogance”.

He said: “I love her confidence, yet at times it does get overconfident. It sort of shows arrogance. I have actually been attractive to women prefer that my entire life, and those relationships didn’t work since of that. I don’t want that anymore.

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“I feel like I came right into this idea, this experience, this show due to the fact that I needed that change in my life, and also Veronica is the change.”

But he then stunned both the girls, and viewers, through completely changing course and saying that regardless of that he had to monitor his heart. And he sent out Veronica packing, saying: “even despite my mind’s telling me one thing, I acquired to go with my heart.”

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Veronica was understandably p***ed at Travis and gave that a huge middle finger “F**k you” come the camera. She said: “I’m sad because I placed my whole heart out there, and also it simply feels prefer it’s to be stomped on.

“I truly assumed I had something special with him, but I guess ns was wrong. If he desires to save going in the exact same cycle, that’s truly as much as him.”

Meanwhile, Maya to be over the moon and also said she felt choose the “luckiest girl in the world”. She said: “It’s simply amazing the my dream male is currently mine!”