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the was among the dumbest and luckiest gamings of football i have ever before seen the Carolina Panthers play. Let’s do that work out front. This obelisk isn’t sunshine and roses because a win is a win this week. Captain Colin Jones, with vital assists indigenous DJ Moore and also Curtis Samuel, made sure that a punting was no a negative play. Graham Gano kicked lights out, consisting of that video game winner that can have bring away the lights out at a dome. The rest would be concerning if the Panthers had actually suffered another conference ns yesterday. Instead, over there is hope the the litany of mistakes have the right to merely be instructional.

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We’ll talk an ext as the week go on around how countless questionable decisions to be made by Norv Turner, Ron Rivera, and also Cam Newton versus the new York Giants. One octopus ~ above a slip-n-slide could have won a three-legged race an ext gracefully than the Panthers to win the Giants yesterday. The happens. The NFL is weird and also the Cleveland Browns keep taking folks to overtime to repeat them simply in instance they forgot.

To harp on the down day for the defense or the uncharacteristic miscommunications between Ian Thomas and Cam that led to two turnovers would perform a disservice to the good potential the Panthers demonstrated yesterday.

The Panthers flashed the potential because that an unstoppable violation yesterday. Weird things happen in the NFL, so i’m happy to offer them a pass for this game.

Christian McCaffrey didn’t break the game, however he had a couple of runs that made you hold your breath simply in situation he did. He has that potential the every fan and coach wants on your team: the run-away rate that can destroy a defense that makes also a solitary mistake. It’s amazing to clock in a method that also DeAngelo Williams and also Jonathan Stewart weren’t —not quite— in your primes. He’s a reliable Ted Ginn, Jr.

What’s more, the Panthers put the sphere in the hand of rookie DJ Moore and second year broad receiver Curtis Samuel with room to move. I hosted my breath the same way I did because that McCaffrey. These children have the speed we hoped they would. Half the credit transaction for their large plays goes to the Giants for putting on a clinic for negative tackling. Their rate was top top full display in that lot traffic, though. Imagine what it would certainly look prefer in the secondary.

It’s to be a long time since the Panthers have had a player through the house run ability of McCaffrey. Ns don’t think castle have ever had 2 players in the mold. If all three of these guys work out; if McCaffrey, Samuel, and also Moore deserve to all knife the to trust of the coaches; if they each can force Turner’s hand into giving them far-reaching roles in the game arrangement week in and week out then the Panthers offense is going to it is in a show worth watching.

Their rate in prior of the danger that is video camer Newton is no something the the NFL is made come handle. Devin Funchess can proceed to settle into his role as a reputable contributor, a 1b to Greg Olsen’s 1a as soon as he return (possibly next week!). The Panthers can use those guys to move the chains while pinning safeties impossibly far earlier in fear of the 3 actual jungle cat the Panthers have actually masquerading together offensive ability players. It won’t work-related out rather that way, the course, but the football player are lastly there. They could do it.

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I don’t understand if Turner is the appropriate coordinator for the job. Ns don’t know if Rivera is an aggressive enough coach to also want that kind of ability to chew increase yards and also score touchdowns. I do know the Panthers flashed the potential because that an unstoppable violation yesterday. Weird things happen in the NFL, so i’m happy to provide them a pass for this game. For now. We’ll see if they deserve to take advantage of their talent and also stop production these nail biting finishes.

That’s how they become relevant in the post season. That’s just how 2015 happened. It’s precious it, also if that way no longer having some that the greatest calls that the week, prefer this one, courtesy that the Spanish language transfer team:

The Spanish contact of Graham Gano"s video game winning kick is for sure perfect #GanoLoGanó