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Can I interest you in Hanukkah?Maybe miscellaneous in a Festival that LightsIt's a sensible alternative to ChristmasAnd that lasts because that seven--for you--eight nightsHanukkah, huh?I've never ever really thought around itWell‚ you can do worseIs the merry?It's kind of merryIs it cheery?It's obtained some cheerIs the jolly?
Look‚ ns wouldn't understand from jollyBut it's no my least unfavorite time of yearWhen's the start?The 25thOf December?KislevWhich is when exactly?I will checkAre over there presents?Yes‚ indeed, 8 job of presentsWhich means one quite one, then a main of dreck
Does Hanukkah commemorateEvents profound and also holy?A king who pertained to save the world?No‚ oil that shed quite slowlyWell, it sounds fantastic!There's more!We have latkesWhat space they?Potato pancakesWe have dreidelsWhat are they?
Wooden topsWe have actually candlesWhat are-THEY space CANDLES!And once we irradiate themOh the funny it never stopsWhat do you say, StephenDo you want to offer Hanukkah a try?I'm trying to check out me together a JewI'm trying even harderBut I think in Jesus ChristSo it's a genuine non-starterI can't interest you in Hanukkah?Just a small bit?No thanks‚ I'll passI'll keep JesusYou save your potato pancakesBut i hope that you reap 'emOn instead of of all the goyimBe certain to tell the PontiffMy world say an excellent YontifThat's exactly what I'll doHappy holidays, youToo!Jew!Too?

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